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Talk A Walk Around The Pan American Cross-Country Course



Lima, Peru—Aug. 1

Jose Ortelli has built a maxed-out track for Saturday’s cross-country competition. Riders will be facing a twisty course that’s set at the Escuela de Equitación de Ejército, the same venue as the rest of the equestrian competition. Here’s the course map:

Course map

Take a look at some of the fences from the track:

WEB 01 PAN_5760

Fence 1. Mollie Bailey photos.

WEB 02 PAN_5761

Fence 2.

WEB 03 PAN_5770

Riders jump into the main arena over fence 3.

web 04 PAN_5773

Fences 4 and 5 are in the main arena.

WEB 05 PAN_5775

After fence 5, riders gallop the long way out of the arena and back to the grass track.

WEB 06a PAN_5781

Fence 6A is an option.

WEB 06 option PAN_5786

Fence 6A option.

web 06bc PAN_5787

Fences 6BC.

WEB 07 PAN_5797

Fence 7.

WEB 08ab PAN_5811

Fence 8 has an option. Riders may ride the skinny 8AB…

WEB 08ab PAN_5806

…or take a longer route over two separate elements.


There’s an option at 9AB as well. Riders may take the direct route over the huts to fence 10, or go the take a longer route over a different element.

web 10 PAN_5814

Fence 10.

web 11 1 PAN_5827

Riders have a long gallop to fence 11, a ditch and wall.

WEB 11 2 PAN_5831

Fence 11 from the side.

web 12A PAN_5837

Fence 12A, the first fence of the fisherman complex, has an option you can see to the left.

web 12AB option PAN_5842

After fence 12A, riders go through the water and jump out over 12B.

web 12 decoration PAN_5841

There’s plenty of cute touches on the fences that match the theme.

WEB 13 LIMA PAN_5851

Riders have a long gallop up to fence 13.

WEB 14A option PAN_5875

The Machu Picchu complex has several options. Riders can start over 14A….

WEB 14BC option PAN_5880

…then go up 14BC…

web 14D PAN_5885

…and go down the hill to 14D.

WEB 14AB PAN_5872

Or riders may take a more direct route from 14AB…




WEB 14CD PAN_5886

…to 14CD.

web 14ABCD Decoration PAN_5887

Unique decorations abound around the Machu Picchu complex.

WEB 15 PAN_5855

Riders then have another long gallop to fence 15, the potatoes.

web 15 potatoes PAN_5853

That fence is decorated, predictably, with one of Peru’s greatest crops and exports.

web 16A PAN_5861

There’s an option of corners at fence 16, with decorations to avoid.

web 16b PAN_5862

Fence 16 option.

web 17 PAN_5857

Fence 17, the fruit stand, is a galloping fence headed down a hill.

web 18 option PAN_5890

Fence 18, the firewood, is an option.

web 18A PAN_5888

Fence 18 option.

web 19A PAN_5892

The third water complex, 19AB, is decorated like a beach.

web 19b PAN_5893

Fence 19B.

web 20 PAN_5921

Fence 20, the triple, is decorated with more Peruvian crops.

web 20 decoration PAN_5922

Corn decorates fence 20.

web 21 PAN_5908

Riders have a nice gallop to fence 21, the trakehner.

web 22 PAN_5932

Fence 22, the bridge.

web 23A PAN_5933

Riders gallop up a steep hill to 23A, the condor, which also has an option.

web 23A option PAN_5946

Fence 23 option.

web 23b PAN_5939

Riders head down a bank to 23B if they’re taking the direct route.

web 24 option 1PAN_5924

Fence 24 is an option too, either a skinny fence…

web 24 option PAN_5925

…or a brush.

web 25 PAN_5948

Fence 25 is decorated in Peruvian soccer colors.

web 26 PAN_5961

Riders finish over fence 26, which pays homage to the next Pan Am Games in Santiago, Chile.

web aeroating the course PAN_5911

Tractors were out aerating the course today.

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