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One Perfect Moment: Our Favorite Photos Of 2022



The show calendar returned to normal in 2022—no major shows were cancelled by COVID-19, the world championships happened on their regular quadrennial year—and that meant our reporters were back to traveling, as far afield as Italy and Denmark for the FEI World Championships, and to our regular stateside haunts like the Kentucky Horse Park and the autumn indoor circuit. Scroll down for a look at some of our favorite images from those trips.


Kimberly Loushin Photo

I love this image of Ella Endzwieg and Private Message at this year’s USEF Pony Finals (Kentucky). It was at the end of a long day, after afternoon storms the previous day pushed part of Wednesday’s schedule onto Thursday. As Endzwieg waited to receive her last award of the day, she leaned over and gave her pony a hug, and Private Message turned to look right at the camera. Things can get intense at major championships, but in this moment, it was all about the love between a little girl and her pony.

22WC_Sandra Auffarth_Carjatan SEWC_7687

Kimberly Loushin Photo

The cross-country satellite media center at this year’s FEI Eventing World Championship in Pratoni del Vivaro, Italy, was uniquely situated in a spot where reporters could see the warm-up, the famed Pratoni slide and the finish all in close proximity. Covering cross-country day was a balancing act of trying to get a few pictures snapped while also being back at the media center tent whenever a rider came in to do an interview, but I ended up with some fun after-the-finish photos as well as those of the competition itself. This one of Germany’s Sandra Auffarth (Viamant Du Matz) reaching over to high-five teammate Christoph Wahler after a good run was one of my favorites.

— Kimberly Loushin

João Victor Marcari Oliva Escorial Horsecampline HIT_8860-2 copy

Mollie Bailey Photo

It’s always fun when riders show a little emotion, and Brazilian dressage rider João Victor Marcari Oliva did just that after a fantastic Grand Prix test aboard Lusitano stallion Escorial Horsecampline at the Blue Hors FEI Dressage World Championship in Herning, Denmark. My favorite part of this photo is not just João’s exuberance, but the fact that both the judge and scribe are smiling at his excitement. I have other photos of him piaffing perfectly and petting his horse, but this is the moment I remember best.


Mollie Bailey Photo

For the podium photos at the ECCO FEI World Championships in Herning, Denmark, organizers set off fireworks behind the winners to add a little “flare” to the presentations, pardon the pun. While para-dressage didn’t take place in the main arena, the team medal ceremonies did, and Chef d’Equipe Michel Assouline and the Adequan U.S. Para Dressage Team of (from left) Roxanne Trunnell, Kate Shoemaker, Rebecca Hart and Beatrice de Lavalette came prepared with chairs and a flag. I love the way this turned out. At first Roxie and Bea just held the flag over their knees, but after I yelled at them to pick it up, you could really see the whole thing. (I wasn’t being overly rude, I hope. Photographers call out to riders on the podium all the time. You’d be amazed how hard it is to get four people to do something at the same time—smile or hold up flowers or bite their medals—so there are lots of instructions from photographers if the podium isn’t too far away.)


web Zayna Rizvi-7757

Mollie Bailey Photo

I captured this sweet moment between Zayna Rizvi and Acer K in the awards ceremony after the Washington International Equitation Final. I love how happy she is even though she finished sixth, not first. She looks like she’s really enjoying the moment.

— Mollie Bailey


Lindsay Berreth Photo

I got the chance to do a Behind the Stall Door feature with Boyd Martin, his barn manager Stephanie Simpson and Fedarman B in March at Carolina International (North Carolina) where they went on to win the advanced division.

“Bruno” came to Martin’s barn after his owner and rider Annie Goodwin died in a cross-country schooling accident in the summer of 2021. In the wake of the tragedy, Goodwin’s family sent Bruno to Martin’s barn, and he and the gelding worked on forming a partnership.

I’ve spoken with Martin a few times in the past year about the challenges of bonding with Bruno while trying to honor Goodwin, and it was fun to see that bond up close at Carolina. This outtake just made me laugh. We all know Martin is one of U.S. eventing’s biggest personalities, and apparently so is Bruno. With his big white face and curious eyes, and of course his talent, he’s become one of my favorites to watch this season. Knowing the partnership he has with Martin is carrying on Goodwin’s memory makes him even more special.


Lindsay Berreth Photo

I was hanging back at the mixed zone at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event when I got this shot of five-star first-timer Booli Selmayr and Millfield Lancando before their show jumping round. I love the intense look on both of their faces as they stared down the ramp to the Rolex Arena.


Selmayr was riding in honor of a friend, Jess Halliday, who died of cancer last fall, making her first five-star completion even more meaningful.

— Lindsay Berreth

_InstaKYE_5347 (1)~2

Laura Lemon Photo

There’s something about the Devon Horse Show that brings out magic. Whether it’s the level of performance these horses rise to, the competition it inspires or the crowds that flock to the famed show grounds, there’s just nothing like it. I’m not exactly sure how or why—perhaps it is the Devon blue grandstands or the top-of-the-line flowers and jumps—but from a photographer’s perspective, my competition shots from Devon are consistently better any other photos I take anywhere else. Two years away due to COVID-19 didn’t diminish this fact.


Laura Lemon Photo

Behind Only Always’ grand hunter championship at Devon comes a story of friendship, respect and teamwork. California professionals Carleton Brooks and Nick Haness traveled thousands of miles to compete at Devon because they believed in the gelding. I took this picture right before the two gentlemen walked center ring to accept the championship in the green conformation division. To me it captures an exchange of admiration and the savoring of a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

— Laura Lemon

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