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Kisses, Hugs And Knees To Noses: Photos From USEF Pony Finals



Lexington, Ky.—Aug. 11

Between the tiny ponies and the even tinier children in bows running around the Kentucky Horse Park, there is no shortage of adorableness at USEF Pony Finals. Here are some of our favorite shots the Chronicle has collected so far at the finals:



A (very) little bit of luck. Photo by Ann Glavan.


Blueridge Moonbeam snapped his little knees for Omi Enkin in the small pony hunters. Photo by Laura Lemon.


River Boat Blues gets his nails done before heading into the ring with rider Cecilia Machado. Photo by Ann Glavan.


Yellow pony. Yellow bows. Photo by Laura Lemon.


Peaches N’ Cream gets a pre-show pep talk with rider Megan All. Photo by Ann Glavan.


Line ’em up! Photo by Laura Lemon.


Mia Curtain gave Highlight a big hug and kiss heading out of the ring. Photo by Ann Glavan.


Philippe and Devin Seek soared in the large pony hunters. Photo by Laura Lemon.


Bayberry was striking a pose before heading in the ring with Amira Kettaneh. Photo by Ann Glavan.


McKenzie Welch squeezed Magical Me up to start their course in the small ponies. Photo by Laura Lemon.


Caroline Nadalin gave Hot Wheels lots of love after a great round in the medium green pony over fences class. Photo by Ann Glavan.


How you know you had a good round- when your cheering section is in tears! Hot Wheels and his rider Caroline Nadalin are just that good! Photo by Ann Glavan.


Tiny Tiunes jumped so well for Kelsey Lambert, he couldn’t even keep his eyes open. Photo by Laura Lemon.


You couldn’t top Rose Campbell’s happiness with Blueberry Hill. Photo by Laura Lemon.


There is plenty of time to walk around and check out the sights and shops at USEF Pony Finals when you’re not showing. Photo by Ann Glavan.


Need somewhere to send the non-horsey siblings for a couple of hours? How about the giant bouncey slide? Photo by Ann Glavan.


Finley Scheffel thought Slightly Fabulous was more than just slightly fabulous after their round in the small green ponies. Photo by Laura Lemon.


No scope no hope! Photo by Ann Glavan.


We wondered where all these soaking wet children walking through the show grounds were coming from until we saw this. Photo by Ann Glavan.


California Dreamin’ and Chase Finizio proved that there’s nothing cuter than a yellow pony with snappy knees. Photo by Laura Lemon.


Ava and Rose had a rather elaborate toy horse game going in the ringside tent. Photo by Ann Glavan.


Who will take home the coveted prizes from USEF Pony Finals? Photo by Ann Glavan.


Enano was all cute for Anna Donovan in the small pony hunters. Photo by Laura Lemon.


No pencils and paper cups here—Model Horse Jumps booth at Pony Finals sells the toy jumps of every kid’s dreams. Photo by Ann Glavan.


Stable shopping, anyone? Photo by Ann Glavan.


Even in the mist of Pony Finals madness, you can always spot the celebrations. Photo by Laura Lemon.


We have no explanation for what this random mannequin was doing dressed as a fox, but it was definitely striking a pose. Photo by Ann Glavan.

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