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Judge Rules Barisone To Remain In Jail



Michael Barisone is of no risk to the community, attorney Jeffrey Simms pledged before a judge at the Morris County Courthouse (New Jersey) on Wednesday. The Aug. 14 hearing was to determine whether Barisone would be released from jail on bond after the Aug. 7 shooting at his Hawthorne Hill dressage training facility in Long Valley, New Jersey.

“He is a respected member of the community, as opposed to the alleged victim,” said Simms, “and I would suggest, judge, that this man is of no risk to flee, no risk to commit a further criminal activity, and will certainly abide by any and all rules that the court puts on him.”

State Superior Court Judge Stephen Taylor disagreed with Simms and denied Barisone bail. The 54-year-old will remain in custody pending trial.


“The court also has to consider the nature and seriousness of the danger to any other person or the community,” said Taylor, “and in this regard, I think I agree with the State that there is a continuing danger to [Lauren Kanarek] and [Robert Goodwin] in this case.”

Barisone was arrested on Aug. 7 and charged with attempted murder and weapons offenses after he allegedly shot student Lauren Kanarek twice in the chest. Barisone was also charged in relation to Kanarek’s fiancé, Robert Goodwin, who received an injury to his wrist and/or hand after trying to disarm Barisone. Kanarek’s family released a statement on her condition today.




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