Monday, May. 27, 2024

It Was An Honor, Rolex Kentucky, And I’ll Be Back



So, cross-country day didn’t finish as I had hoped and to be honest I’m not sure to tell you exactly what happened…

At the first water Who’s A Star jumped in great and then it felt as if I was almost stopped, and I couldn’t get him going… we think he might have grabbed his shoe there.


Jumping the table headed into the Head of the Lake. Photo by Lindsay Berreth

At the Head of the Lake he jumped the table well and jumped in well and my best guess is that I drifted to the right of my line and then didn’t get busy enough to get him there in the four strides. He made an attempt to jump the fish in the water but it was feeble from the lack of energy on my part and we called it a day.


Jumping into the Head of the Lake. Photo by Lindsay Berreth

Often times it is said experience is exactly what you get after you need it and I feel like that is the case now. So we go home, regroup and assess, and move on.

A huge thank you to my sponsors, friends and especially my assistant Sidney Baughman, my husband Neal and our farm manager Jodi Martone and students Kelsea Blazek and Alex Huber who kept the home front going.



It is an honor and a privilege to have taken a part in the Rolex Kentucky CCI****. My goal next year is to be back and be better!

And finally, my favorite picture from the weekend—me walking back to the barns with my husband, Neal.





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