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Who’s The Cutest Pony In Harrisburg?

Check out this gallery of cute ponies from Harrisburg—which is your favorite?


Harrisburg, Pa.—Oct. 11

There are so many talented and darling ponies and riders at the Pennsylvania National, it’s tough to pick just a few to feature. Which is your favorite?

Madeline Schaefer with Armani and Rolling Stone—It takes a special rider and special ponies to sweep a division like Madeline Schaefer did in the smalls with Armani (champion) and Rolling Stone. That’s especially true since Armani is in his first year out of the green division. 



 Schaefer describes Armani, who also picked up grand pony hunter honors, as brave and smart, but he does have a quirk. Armani is mouthy—thanks no doubt to his late castration. He started his career as a show horse two years ago, but before that he was a breeding stallion. “You can’t jog him if you have bows,” said Schaefer’s mother, Stacey Schaefer. “He bites them!”
Harrington Park Quest and Rylee Shufelt—What’s not to love about this sweet looking pair. The shoulder brand makes him stand out. It’s a remnant from his early days in New South Wales, Australia, where he was born and bred. 
Grand All Over with Sophie Gochman, Mimi Gochman and Emma Kurtz—This is the second year in a row that Emma Kurtz has ridden Grand All Over to the medium pony hunter title in Harrisburg for the Gochmans. “It was nerve-wracking because he was so perfect last year,” said Kurtz. 
Beau Rivage and Daisy Farish—Beau Rivage looks like he got lost on his way to the junior hunter ring and accidentally wandered into the large pony division instead. He and Farish earned the large pony hunter championship, commemorating Farish’s 13th birthday.
Sophie Gochman and Page 6—Now that’s determination! 
 Rosmel’s Sun Fairy and Caroline Passarelli—This darling pair really makes it look easy.
Farah Rizvi and Rollingwoods Knee Deep— Chrome anyone? 
 Madeline Schaefer and Sports Cast—Who doesn’t have a soft spot for a lovely dun?
 Jordan Cobb and John Wayne—This pair should earn a prize for most appropriate name.
 Champlain Serenade and Emma Lemke—Emma Lemke takes care of her own ponies, including this lovely red roan. In Harrisburg they picked up sixth in the medium pony stake.
 Charcoal and Ericka Koscinski—This blue roan competed in the large division.
 Sassafras Creek and Daisy Farish—It’s form like this that earned Redfield Farm’s entry the top call in the medium pony hunter winners’ stake and the reserve medium pony hunter title.
 Sophie Gochman and Laugh Out Loud—It’s hard to forget a blaze like that! This pair topped today’s medium pony hunter stake.

Want more color? Check out this story about an Appaloosa in the junior divisions at Harrisburg. Here’s a picture of another top appy hunter, Bravo and Jessie Lang. Then check out this gallery of eye-catching eventers with lots of good looking athletes.

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