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All U.S. Horses Pass The Final Eventing Horse Inspection



Lima, Peru—Aug. 4

Twenty-four horses presented at the final eventing horse inspection this morning at the Pan American Games. Canada’s Mississippi and Dana Cooke did not present.

Four horses were held: Argentina’s J B G Espuelas Atila (Juan Benitez Gallardo), Honduras’s Hipolita (Pedro José Espinosa), Uruguay’s SVR Energico (Lucia Chieza Pietra) and Peru’s Vento (Marcelino Cardenas Salazar). J B G Espuelas Atila, SVR Energico and Hipolita passed upon re-inspection. Vento was spun, meaning Peru will not finish a team.

Boyd and Tsetserleg PAN_8460

All four U.S. horses presented at the final eventing horse inspection passed, including Boyd Martin’s Tsetserleg. Mollie Bailey Photo

All U.S. horses passed inspection, and the United States will be the only country moving forward to show jumping with four riders. Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina will also be looking to finish full teams. Get caught up on yesterday’s cross-country action with a live blog of the action and beautiful photos.


Show jumping kicks off at 10:30 a.m. Central time.

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You can find full results by clicking on equestrian on the official Pan Am website.

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