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A Perfect Performance Gives Módolo Zanotelli Gold



Lima, Peru—Aug. 9 

After Brazil’s Marlon Módolo Zanotelli cleared the final fence of the second round of today’s clean slate individual final on Sirene de la Motte, he threw his hands in the air in celebration. And with good reason—he’d just kept his nerves in check and put in a perfect performance with his second clear round of the day.

The three riders who came after him—all of whom were clear in Round 1—couldn’t match his score, giving him the gold medal at the Pan American Games.

WEB Sirene de La Motte Marlon Modolo Zantolli PAN_3760

Sirene de la Motte didn’t touch a rail all day to help Marlon Módolo Zanotelli earn gold. Mollie Bailey Photos

WEB Marlon DHS_8816

Brazilian rider Marlon Módolo Zanotelli guided Sirene de la Motte to two clear rounds today to secure individual gold.

WEB Marlon PAN_4171

Marlon Módolo Zanotelli celebrated after his second clear round.

“The second round, I just tried to keep myself calm, because I know my mare,” said Zanotelli, who picked up gold with his team two days ago. “If I give her a really good chance, she’s always going to jump a clear round, I just have to keep my nerves in place. I was in a good position. I was first to go from the clears, and I knew if I was clear I was going to put pressure on the others, and what I really wanted here was a medal no matter what, silver or gold or bronze. Luckily it was the gold one today.”

WEB Marlon PAN_4470

Marlon Módolo Zanotelli didn’t hold back his excitement at winning gold.

WEB Marlon PAN_4515

Marlon Módolo Zanotelli picked up his second gold medal of the week.

WEB Marlon PAN_4690

Marlon Módolo Zanotelli and Sirene de la Motte earned individual gold today.

José Maria Larocca and Finn Lente came closest to his round, leaving all the jumps in the cups and accruing just a single time fault to finish with silver for Argentina.

“I couldn’t be happier,” said Larocca. “It was the dream. This dream started four years ago [at the 2015 Toronto Pan American Games] when we took the silver medal as a team. This time, unfortunately we couldn’t make it to the podium as a team, but I had the opportunity to make it as an individual, so I’m very happy and incredibly proud of my horse and of my team. I’m living my dream today.”


WEB Argentina flagsPAN_3583

José Maria Larocca said 25 of his family members where at the Games cheering him on.

WEB Jose Maria Larocca Finn Lente PAN_4196

A single time fault over two rounds gave José Maria Larocca and Finn Lente of Argentina the silver medal.

With the top two medals clinched, that left four riders—Beezie Madden (Breitling LS) and Eve Jobs (Venue d’Fees des Hazalles) representing the United States, Canadian Nicole Walker (Falco van Spieveld), and Mexico’s Eugenio Garza (Armani SL Z)—tied on 4 faults apiece, forcing a jump-off for bronze.

WEB Beezie PAN_4066

First to go in the jump-off, Beezie Madden and Breitling LS put in a speedy clear.

Madden went first, setting the pace with a zippy clear over Guilherme Jorge’s track. Walker ticked a single rail in the jump-off, and Jobs took two. Garza’s mount stopped at the second fence, and he elected to retire, giving Madden her second bronze medal of the week.

WEB marlon 3PAN_4564

(From left) José Maria Larocca, Marlon Módolo Zanotelli and Beezie Madden celebrated their medals together.

“It’s always a little tough going first, but I thought, ‘You know, it’s kind of winner-take-all, though,’ ” said Madden, Cazenovia, New York. “It was similar to [the 2008 Olympic Games]. I think we had more in the jump-off in Hong Kong, but it was for a medal or no medal, so you just kind of have to lay it out there and go as fast as you could and still leave the jumps up.

“I think lots of credit goes to my horse,” Madden added. “He’s a naturally quick horse. I’ve done quite a few jump-offs with him, so I thought it was good to have that experience going into that pressure round.”

Jobs was thrilled to finish fifth overall behind Walker.

WEB Eve Jobs and Venue PAN_3693

Eve Jobs and Venue d’Fees des Hazalles jumped to fifth place.

“She jumped great all the rounds I did today and I couldn’t be happier with the result,” she said of “Venue.” “I’ve had her for about two years, and she’s taken me to a new level in the sport. I owe everything that I’ve done to her in these championships. She just gives me so much confidence, and I’m so proud of the partnership that we have.”


WEB Nicole Walker Falco PAN_3535

Nicole Walker and Falco van Spieveld claimed fourth individually at the Pan American Games.

WEB Armani SL Z Eugenio Garza PAN_3596

Eugenio Garza jumped to sixth place aboard Armani SL Z.


WEB Pedro Veniss Quabri de l'Isle PAN_3857

Brazil’s Pedro Veniss and Quabri de l’Isle jumped to seventh.

web Patricio Pasquel Babel PAN_3709

Mexico’s Patricio Pasquel and Babel jumped to eighth.

WEB Lucy Deslauriers and Hester PAN_3645

In her first major championship, Lucy Deslauriers and Hester jumped to ninth.

WEB Hector Florentino Carnaval PAN_3387

The Dominican Republic’s Hector Florentino and Carnaval finished 11th.

WEB Alonso Prado Chichester 3 PAN_3153

Alonso Prado had the best finish for Peru in 18th.

WEB Pedro dancing DHS_8629

Ringmaster Pedro Cebulka always keeps the riders in line with a smile and outrageous outfits.


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