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Hunt & Clinic Reports

We know you guys go to a lot of amazing clinics and take part in some phenomenal foxhunts, so if you’re interested in sharing your experiences, we’d love to publish your reports.

If you go to a clinic—it doesn’t have to be with a big name rider, and can be in any sport we cover—and you want to tell people about it, then write something about your experiences and email it to

If you’re interested in sharing your hunting experiences, we’d love to publish your reports. We publish some hunt reports in the magazine, but now, we’re able to publish all that are sent in.

There is no length requirement, but we suggest between 500 and 1500 words.

Please send photos along if you have them. We just need to who took them and the details and individuals in each photo. If they were taken by a professional, please let us know.

Ride for the Cure photos

We are still accepting photos from this fall’s various Rides for the Cure. If you have photos you want to share, please send them to

Please include the photographer’s name, the location of the ride, and any details on the individuals in the photos.




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