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Tam Ha


Since the day he arrived at The Wanderers Club, Chef Tam Ha has been an instrumental force in shaping the culinary landscape of the Club. “Our members look forward to creative dishes and menu specials, knowing that we use only the finest ingredients possible, ensuring delicious, flavorful meals,” says Chef Tam. His repertoire includes Asian, Caribbean, American Fusion, and Continental French cuisines. Chef Tam is also known for his beautiful, hand-carved ice sculptures that complement food displays at the Club.
Chef Tam has spent 20 years in the culinary profession, working at such prestigious clubs as the Everglades Club and The Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach. He earned the esteemed Silver Medal in Culinary Arts for graduating second in his class at the State University of New York.
Chef Tam is married with two children. He enjoys entertaining with friends and family, often in his flourishing garden.

Job Title

Executive Chef


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