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Print Ads

Here you can read more about which print formats we use at COTH

First published in 1937, The Chronicle of the Horse magazine boasts an all-paid readership of over 40,000 longtime, loyal equestrian enthusiasts. With additional distribution at the major competitions in the United States, this print option still offers brands unmatched exposure opportunities.

  • Industry Authority: The Chronicle of the Horse is America’s most respected equestrian publication since 1937. Advertising allows you to associate your brand with the authoritative source in the industry, enhancing your credibility among the competitive equestrian community.
  • In-depth Content: Your brand can align itself with this informative and engaging content. This association can further enhance your brand’s reputation and position it as an authority in the industry.
  • Print Exposure: The print provides a tangible and immersive experience for readers, where ads can be visually appealing, capturing the attention of readers who enjoy the tactile experience of flipping through a magazine, while leaving a memorable impact.
  • Ad Placement: Consider the high impact placement for maximum visibility to promote your visually engaging and captivating ad.
  • Brand Recognition & Trust: By consistently featuring your brand in the COTH magazine you can establish familiarity and strengthen brand recall, leading to increased trust, loyalty, and a higher likelihood of customers choosing your brand over competitors.
  • Long Shelf Life: Subscribers tend to keep and refer back to past issues, pass them along to friends and leave them in the barn for the community to enjoy. With the extended visibility to your brand, the chances being seen by potential customers over time increases.
  • Offline Reach: Equestrian sport is steeped in tradition. Therefore, a substancial segment of the equestrian community still prefers a physical reading experience.
  • Professional graphic design services available if needed.

Untacked, The Chronicle of the Horse’s lifestyle magazine is a sleek companion magazine that will live on your coffee table while you keep COTH in your tack room.

  • Targeted Audience: Reach the same all-paid subscriber base as COTH while appealing to a more exclusive and discerning audience with 25% of our audience are millionaires and accustomed to the lifestyle aspects of the horse world.
  • Niche Market Focus: By advertising in Untacked, you tap into the niche equestrian lifestyle market segment allowing you to tailor your advertising message to meet the unique needs and preferences of this elite audience.
  • High-Quality Content: Untacked is known for its high-quality editorial content, featuring captivating articles, stunning visuals related to fashion, home decor, travel, art and cultural elements of the equestrian lifestyle. Elevate the perception of your brand among readers establishing trust and loyalty by advertising alongside this content.
  • Visual Impact: The sleek, matte Untacked will live on your coffee table offering a stunning canvas for ads that capture readers’ attention and leave a lasting impression.
  • Equestrian industry directory published both in the print and on the COTH website.
  • Classified format: 1/5 page, text ads, web banner impressions.
  • Cost-effective: Inexpensive option for a presence among COTH’s print and digital audience.