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FEBRUARY 6 & 13, 2017

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* Overall & Eventing Horseman And Horse Of The Year: Phillip Dutton And Mighty Nice 

He’s ridden in six Olympic Games and earned two team gold medals for Australia, but receiving his individual medal in Rio on behalf of his adopted country at this state of his career (he was the oldest Olympic athlete on team USA in any sport) and with this horse is nothing short of inspiring.

* Between Rounds with David O’Connor: We’re Better Than The Olympics Showed 

The high performance program is strong and going in a good direction. That day at the Olympic Games didn’t work as well as we were hoping, but we’re having more successes in international competition than we’ve ever had before.  

* Show Jumping Horse Of The Year: HH Azur

From the time HH Azur started showing, there’s been a lot of chatter about her. After all, there aren’t many horses McLain Ward raves about in interview after interview. 

* Show Jumping Horseman Of The Year: Kent Farrington

It’s Farrington’s tireless dedication to bettering himself and his horses that took him from a scrappy pony-racing, catch-riding teen in the Chicago suburbs to riding in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and consistently ranking in the top five of the Longines FEI World Rankings.

* Between Rounds with Robert Ridland: 2016 Was The Culmination Of A Four-Year Effort

When I took over as chef d’equipe in 2013, I was brought in to implement a new four-year plan, and I view our successes this year as the culmination of that program. 

* Dressage Horse Of The Year: Verdades

“Diddy” was just 6 months old and Graves only 15 when they made their first acquaintance, and now they’ve crafted years of perseverance and patience into their performances. 

* Dressage Horseman Of The Year: Robert Dover

It’s now an infamous phrase. When Robert Dover took over the position of U.S. dressage technical advisor and chef d’equipe in 2013, he said, “If I have to drag this whole country kicking and screaming to the medal podiums, I’ll do it.” 

* Between Rounds with Jeremy Steinberg: U.S. Dressage Is On A Roll

The U.S. team’s Olympic bronze medal was the result of a hard-fought 12 years of work building up to it. So many people are involved at that level of the sport to bring home those medals, far more than just the riders. 

* Show Hunter Horse Of The Year: Catch Me

In his first full season since his illness, “Snoopy” was uncatchable, ending his year with a second year green championship from all four fall indoor shows. 

* Show Hunter Horseman Of The Year: John French

To hear John French tell it, his big break came shortly after he gave up horse showing.

* Between Rounds with Jack Towell: It’s Time To Focus On Education

Many young trainers of today just don’t have the knowledge base they should have, and they aren’t pursuing the education they need. If the trainers don’t have a good understanding of the basics, how are they supposed to teach that to new riders in the sport? 

If we all knew more about how a horse thinks, learns, processes and translates things we would be more successful, empathetic, intuitive horsemen.

Plus: Commentary, In The Country, Gone Away, Art Gallery, Finish Line, results, photos and much, much more.

January/February Untacked 

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* Hollywood Horses

From Wonder Woman to Game of Thrones, the Naprous family works with the equine stars of big-name television shows and movies to create the magic you see onscreen.

* The Striking Beauty – And Ears – Of The Marwari Horse

A trip to Rajasthan yields a cultural education, artistic inspiration and a newfound love of India.

* At Home With Melanie Smith Taylor

Wildwood Farm’s bygone glory can still be felt in Germantown, Tenn. 

* Seeing Sunny Segovia Through Gray Ears

The author completes the TREC World Championships in Spain and forms a partnership she will remember forever.

* Belle Beach: Ahead Of Her time

Author of the 1912 book Riding And Driving For Women, Beach was once considered the world’s greatest equestrienne.

* Vive La Différence­

A day out with staghounds in France’s Villers-Cotterêts forest sets an ancient equestrian pursuit to music.

* Feed Room: The Patron Saint Of Horse Show Food

Veterinarian and eventing enthusiast Dr. Steven Berkowitz draws crowds with his famous burgers and baked goods. 

* City Guide: Franklin, Tenn.

This charming historic town, just 14 miles south of Nashville, is a hotbed for country music, fine dining, antiques and Southern hospitality. It’s also situated in the heart of horse country.

Plus: Editor’s Letter, Around The Arena, Editor’s Picks, Tech Spotlight, Test Lab, Clothes Horse, Book Reviews, Charity Spotlight, Best Of Web & Print, Life Between The Ears and Parting Ways! There’s even more inside the January/February issue of Untacked, at the intersection of equestrian life and style.

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