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Horse Shows By The Bay



Traverse City, Mich.—July 22

Lillie Ross had quite an entourage for the awards ceremony of the $30,000 Grand Prix of the Great Lakes. As she walked Pako into the ring to pick up her blue ribbon, her mother and trainer, Allison was at Pako’s head. Lillie’s sister, Allie, was documenting the moment with a camera, while her brother, Teddy, filmed the ceremony on video.

But then again, it’s not often a 17-year-old wins a grand prix against some stiff competition.

Traverse City, Mich.—July 20

For a little while, it almost looked like Kelley Farmer wasn’t going to win the $20,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby. And that would almost be bigger news than her winning it.

Williamsburg, Mich., July 24

Ryan Genn let his father ride his horse for just a few weeks, and what does he do? He goes out and wins the $30,000 Grand Prix of the Great Lakes with her!

Wilhelm Genn took the reins on Marlo for the last two weeks because Ryan was sick, and he and the talented gray mare made short work of conquering a speedy 10-horse jump-off for the top check.

Nobody else was going to win the $30,000 Grand Prix of Traverse City, if Kim Farlinger had her way.

“I thought I didn’t leave much room to beat me. I was able to hold my gallop to all the fences, and he jumped really well,” Farlinger said. “I was watching everybody else, and they just didn’t get it done.”

After the last of the seven horses jumped off in the last class of Horse Shows By The Bay on July 18, Farlinger and her veteran Cordoba were leading the victory gallop.


Kelley Farmer hit it out of the park in the $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby at Horse Shows By The Bay on July 16. She had five rides in the class, and ended up first and second on Bases Loaded and Taken.

Farmer has been unbeatable in the last three derbies she's shown in, and this one in Traverse City, Mich., was no different. She topped the first round on Taken, but then she overtook herself in the handy round on Bases Loaded. Both horses are owned by amateur rider Nancy Amling.



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