Monday, May. 27, 2024

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Alarm goes off at 6:15 this morning. Yuck it’s Friday. Dressage. Armageddon.

Hauled ourselves into a taxi as nobody seemed to know where the car keys were located, and this was just the start we needed. Sara spends years preparing this horse for his first four-star, and I can't even manage to find the car keys. Wonderful.

Cab driver stepped on the gas and had us outside the stable area in no time.

The competitors’ party was fun, food was excellent, and I did my best to put back on the 5 pounds I lost walking the cross-country course.

It was nice to see some smiling faces. Leslie Law was in great form (not the pretty Lesley, the other one), but I couldn't help notice a few riders' faces turn a whiter shade of pale as they watched footage of Rolex 2011...

Philip Dutton has asked me a few times when I will take up this sport. My answer never waivers: NEVER. (He smiles when I answer. Imagine that, Philip Dutton smiling.)

When I asked a close friend in Ireland whether or not I should do this blog, he replied, "Why not? Only you can get away with half the things you say.”

Unfortunately he’s right. I have an unbelievable talent for speaking before I think and usually manage to step on more toes than 101 Dalmatians.




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