I have worked for Chado Farms, and know several others who have as well. They are “old fashioned” In terms of horse training and employee interactions. The pay is indeed extremely low. A few very skilled riders have been able to reap a harvest from their association with the Chapot’s. But most average people will not. The pay is very low, on the theory that you only work a half day (seven till noonish or 1 PM) with time for a second job. Some folks have been able to make that work, but with Covid opportunities for waitressing jobs and such are not what they once would’ve been. That area in general is very high pressure, and competition oriented, and there’s a lot of well-known employers with significant industry status, that are rarely able to keep employees long term. Employees exist to be sacrificed/utilized for the good of the farm business/owner/rider. Period.

Farm facility is definitely older, and tidy or grossness has varied over the years depending upon how much extra effort the employees want to put into it.

It could be worth a try if you need the experience. If so, you will join a long list of “former” employees, sooner or later.