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    Another Chewy customer that gives them a five star rating

    Not saying your order was in a wreck but I've seen two winter pile ups on the news that FedX trucks got caught up in. One was a double trailer so there were a lot of packages getting tossed around.

    I am sure Chewy will make things right if you call them. I hope you saved your packing slip -- it will help Chewy track the order to see if it was involved in an accident


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      I'll be honest, I doubt it was Chewy who packaged that so poorly, but would definitely cast my eye at FedEx!

      I adore Chewy - I only use them for one prescription food for one cat, but they've never been anything but wonderful.

      FedEx, on the other hand? They are flat-out demonic.


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        Another vote for Chewy! I had a box delivered by Fedex to the wrong address after I tracked it down. I called Chewy and they sent out another box immediately and told me to keep the other box after it was finally sent to me.


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          Another Chewy fan. I once received a box of several cases of canned cat food that I didn't need to open right away so it sat in my garage for a couple of weeks. When I did open it I discovered several of the cans had been damaged and popped open and the entire top layer of the box was covered in maggots. I contacted Chewy and they immediately sent out a replacement for the entire box and told me if any of the rest of the cans were salvageable to donate them to a shelter, which I did.

          And, yes, FedEx sucks. Even though I have plenty of room for their trucks to turn around in on my driveway, they have driven into the yard area a couple of times because it's easier than backing up. UPS typically has bigger trucks and NEVER has a problem. I've started placing a wheelbarrow at the edge of the yard whenever I'm expecting a delivery thru FedEx as a way of saying "I see you, asshole, and here is where the damn driveway ends!".
          My possessions are causing me suspicion but there's no proof.


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            I also love Chewy! Any time I've had an issue with a product from there, they have refunded me, overnighted me a replacement, and asked me to donate the product to a local shelter if it was still functional. They are super responsive, always send me a handwritten Christmas card, and even sent my friend a hand-painted portrait of her dog for his first birthday recently. I would absolutely call or email them about your issue, they will want to make it right!


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              Chiming in with 5 Stars for Chewy. Nearly 3 years of stellar service. Highly recommend.


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                I also love Chewy and their service. Recently I ordered a couple of stuffed hedgehogs that were supposed to grunt, but didn’t, and just shrugged and gave them out and had no complaints from the hounds.. But then they asked me to review the toys and I mentioned in a lighthearted way that I had gotten the “ gruntless” hedgehog variety and in future would choose a different brand. Don’t you know, they completely refunded my money, and offered suggestions for other brands of hedgehogs! Now I feel guilty I haven’t ordered them yet!

                My FedEx delivery guy is great- he has our gate code and comes in, and if my minivan is in the driveway, loads the box in the back so I can easily drive it to the kennel.

                I have learned though that they tend to overload the boxes if you order too many heavy things at once. I’ve learned to order only one large bag of food at a time, and if I need some cases of canned or another 50 pound bag of food, I wait until I get the notice the first heavy thing has shipped.


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                  While I have been a consistent customer ...
                  the packaging has been poor

                  FedEx makes it worse
                  the packaging has gotten worse - warehouse
                  many damaged / ripped bags
                  and yes they will replace but

                  MAGGTS INSIDE A RESEALED ( with red tape) box of 30 cans of cat food was unacceptable

                  the box had damaged / instead of checking by opening the zip top box - warehouse re- tapped so they were sending on sliced open cat food cans ...

                  MAGGOTS CRAWLING INSIDE WHEN I opened the box

                  pics taken and sent ... they wanted to blame on FedEx

                  No way ....

                  double bagged & pitched in the trash

                  * took two more attempts to get the product here
                  FedEx mis-shipped twice

                  what a fiasco !

                  waited a few months


                  tried again

                  incomplete order

                  tried again

                  split bag of dry food

                  DONE !

                  Zu Zu Bailey " IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE ! "


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                    The box was pretty badly damaged and partially untaped for my last shipment as well. Fortunately all the stuff inside was fine, though it looked like it should have been packed better. I took a photo and emailed it to them and got an apology. No refund though, not that I expected one.

                    My favorite is when the FedEx driver leans the heavy box against my front door. The screen opens outwards so I have to go out the back and around to the front to retrieve it.
                    The Evil Chem Prof


                    • #30
                      Definitely give their customer service a chance to make it right. A few years ago I was trying to find a good dog food that didn’t make my JRTs allergies flare up but was also palatable enough that he didn’t go on hunger strike after 2 weeks on the food. You’d think this would be easier than it really was. So I picked a food that looked like it should be ok based off the posted ingredient list and ordered. 4 days after starting it, I had a mess of an allergic dog. I check the bag to double check the ingredients and it is different than what was posted. I contacted customer service and lo and behold the brand was in the process of changing their recipes and some had not updated online yet. I just lucked out and got the “new recipe” bag that happened to have Chicken Fat (a no go ingredient for us) instead of the fish oil in the old recipe. They not only refunded me but told me to just donate to a rescue instead of returning the almost full bag of food.


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                        I am a happy customer with Chewy too. I will admit the packaging has not been stellar but the only problem I have had was a bag of dry cat food that had been ripped open and was all over the inside of the box. I am not sure it wasn't the way the FedEx guy threw the box on the ground. Anyway I called them and they sent out a replacement even though the shipping for that bag was probably more expensive than the cat food. FedEx delivered it. Somewhere. Not at my house. I called FedEx which could not locate it either. So Chewy asked if I wanted ANOTHER bag. I said just give me a credit on my credit card.

                        I even use them for my horse food these days. The only feed store that sells a ration balancer is only accessible to me on Saturday mornings. I can't always make that 2 hour round trip. So I compared the price of a 30 pound bag of GroNWin from Chewey converted to a 50 pound equivalent ( I am a nerdy accountant) with the price of Triple Crown at the feedstore and it is the same. Plus my Saturday mornings are free. So since I already was getting cat food from Chewey I added the horse feed. It has been great not trying to arrange my life around getting food for my animals.


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                          I order from them frequently, most orders arrive just fine, a couple there have been some boxes of the foil pack cat food that have been smashed though not opened, once they just tossed in a box of loose foil packs; however, most orders are fine. A few the boxes have been damaged and partially opened, that is FedEx's fault and not Chewy's. UPS is even worse. I can say that on a few occasions I'll order early in the morning and my order's have arrived the next day!!! Guess I ordered just at the right time to get them on a truck and have them drive direct to my location.


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                            I did order a cat tree from Chewy for my dad's Christmas present, but when I've priced out dog, cat and bird food, as well as bird toys, the cost is about the same as it is locally. Sometimes it's a dollar or two less for the pricier items, bit that's not worth it to me to wait for shipping, as opposed to having it in hand the same day.

                            For example, the Pro Plan 7+ Bright Mind 30-pound bag is $57 on Chewy, and it's only $53 at Petsmart. Petsmart! The poster child for high prices!
                            "Dogs give and give and give. Cats are the gift that keeps on grifting." —Bradley Trevor Greive


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                              I am now having to buy prescription dog food from Chewy. They were great when I called to change my order to a different brand and got the new prescription request sent out right away. So far the only bad box I've received was for a bag of cat litter. It was obviously FedEx handling. All of my packages since have been great if not increasingly in better condition. I absolutely value their shipping turnaround time. They were the only ones that had no chew vet wrap at my door the next day! I was crunched for time with my horse coming home in a couple days from surgery and I just didn't have time to make it to any of the tack shops.
                              Also my mom had an issue with one of the dry foods she bought for her cats - they wouldn't eat it or something. And she got to talking with the customer service rep and mom sent them some pictures of the picky eaters. Chewy sent a painting back of one of the cats out of the blue! It was really nice of them and a well done painting!
                              I've sent them an email thanking them for their wonderful service so far. I'm sure they only hear about issues and complaints. The price isn't cheaper unless you hit a sale, but it saves me from having to make a trip to another store on the weekend. Well worth it for the time saved!


                              • #35
                                I love Chewy, but Fed Ex sucks. I don't order from them nearly as often now because of Fed Ex. Ironically, I have a package expected today; do not have a covered porch--and of course it's raining. (was such a good deal, I jumped on it, typically I look at the weather). I left a note and a big plastic bag and asked Fed Ex to put it in that.....but have a feeling I'll get ticked off when i arrive home. I don't understand how they can't use common sense. I have left notes, water and snacks for them and a big tote to come home to drenched through packages on numerous occasions. I guess we'll see at the end of the day. Crossing my fingers I'm wrong. It was such a good deal I don't want a refund. LOL!


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                                  FedEx is provided plastic bags • the carriers in my area are just too LAZY to use them ... as per the carrier !
                                  Pathetic ! IMHO ... they just don’t care of the products are ruined in the rain
                                  Zu Zu Bailey " IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE ! "


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                                    Originally posted by Zu Zu View Post
                                    FedEx is provided plastic bags • the carriers in my area are just too LAZY to use them ... as per the carrier !
                                    Pathetic ! IMHO ... they just don’t care of the products are ruined in the rain
                                    Oh that is really frustrating!!! If I come home to a ruined package--I'm sending chewy photos of my note on the door in plastic protector, a bag hanging where my wreath usually is (even took it down to keep it out of their way) and the box. I haven't had a bag on mine in over a year and i've had multiple ruined packages. I'm not feeding a wet bag of dog food.


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                                      I love Chewy. I had a $50 gift card and wanted to use it to buy a few things for a rescue but take advantage of the free shipping. I came in at $52 after tax. I called Chewy to see if I could max the GC and put the rest on another card. They couldn't do that but they could give me a courtesy discount that had me in at $49.92 after tax so free shipping, max the card and we got to help a rescue. Go Chewy.
                                      Oh, well, clearly you're not thoroughly indoctrinated to COTH yet, because finger pointing and drawing conclusions are the cornerstones of this great online community. (Tidy Rabbit)


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                                        I have used Chewy almost from the beginning, with weekly orders. Because I do a lot of fostering, I have depended on them to be reliable and spend a big chunk of change. Over the last few months, I have seen a steady decline in shipping. I no longer have my orders arrive the in the next day or two. One box may arrive in a day or two, but two others will take up to a week to get here. Their customer service has gone from superb to being much like offshore customer service. The last straw was an order last week which simply didn't ship. When I called, apparently since something was out of stock they simply let the order sit there. The person who answered the phone was completely indifferent. Her supervisor wasn't, and the order shipped but still took days to arrive, at least all parts of it. I think their selection and inventory have shrunk. I'm sorry to see this happening because having orders arrive at my home is a big help. Love them or hate them, Amazon will reliably deliver overnight many of the things that Chewy now doesn't have, for the same price.
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                                          Originally posted by Rackonteur View Post
                                          I won't order from them again!
                                          I placed my first order just over a week ago. The order arrived in just a few days. But
                                          The box was all beat up and the tape had come loose.
                                          Whoever had packed the box had dumped the foil packets of treats, and the chew toy, on the bottom, then dumped a variety box of canned food and a variety box of food in foil packets on top of the toy and the treats.
                                          Good thing for Chewy that so far none of the treats are broken or smashed. But the chew toy was all creased and bent. Not that a dog would care. But I do.

                                          As if all that weren't bad enough, tonight I opened the box of wet food in the foil packets, to find that something gooey and sticky had spilled on the bottom of the box, and was smeared all over 2-3 of the foil packets. I had to throw those packs away, and since the box was sticky I had to throw it away instead of recycling it. I had to carefully inspect each foil packet for leaks. I didn't find any, but nevertheless
                                          I am NOT impressed. and have no plans to ever order from Chewy again.
                                          Nor will I recommend that anyone else I know order from Chewy.
                                          I've used Chewy for 2 years now and, have had the same thing happen.

                                          On the bottom of the box, UNDER a 24 pound bag of dog food, are the bags of dog treats (blue Buffalo health bars) all smashed up, there's no way I could reach in, pull one out and, hand it to my dog.

                                          Know what I did? I emailed them and told them and, they sent me 2 Free bags of treats.

                                          I also told them, they needed to rethink their packing methods.....small things, should be boxed separately.

                                          All was fine, then, my order that included 4 bags of the treats, came with all 4 bags being crushed to almost dust.

                                          I sent another email and......4 free bags showed up!