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How do you guys do it? and those that can, I want what you have!

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    I flipped my schedule, so now I work 11 AM - 7:30 PM. Get up at 7, feed and do chores, ride from 8:15 - 9, then head into work. I do litigation technology for an int'l law firm, and am fortunate that they let me have a flexible schedule because there are often late day document productions and other things that need to be done in the evenings.

    Its a little harder to motiviate myself to ride in winter when its really cold in the mornings, but at least when I'm done for the day at work, I don't have to feel guilty about coming home and going straight to bed after a quick night check, and I also don't stress now when unexpected OT comes up.
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      DH, DD & I all work 40hr week jobs and have a boarding/lesson business with 20+ horses to care for. DD does most mornings starting at 5:30am and then gets to the barn in the afternoon at 3pm to start night work. DH arrives around 4-4:30 to take care of any big stuff (drop hay, water tanks etc). I get there about 5:15 to help bring in, teach lessons or ride clients horse. Usually home each night by 7:30 or so.

      Weekends I spend at home in the morning doing stuff around the house then head to the barn. More lessons and sometimes trail rides. Also we try to do horseshows both at home and away and try to fit a few clinics in a year.

      We only take on what we can handle as far as lessons and training. I have a 3yo of my own that I need to work with so it gets tough. We don't have an indoor so sometimes I really look forward to rainy days just for some down time! We honestly couldn't do it without each other. We have two boarders that help a few days a week in exchange for board credit, but otherwise it's the three of us. We love what we do and we are really careful to not get too overwhelmed. It's a balancing act but it works!
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        I needed this thread. I have been so exhausted lately, haven't had a weekend off in 13 months and been feeling pretty sorry for myself. If horses are your passion, we do what we have to to have/keep them...whatever it takes. It is hard juggling everything that life throws at us but support from fellow COTHer's and friends goes a long way.


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          I am enjoying a week or two break between contract jobs at the moment and it's been WONDERFUL. I love strolling into the barn at noon with the other ladies who don't have to work

          Usually I work 40 - 50 hours a week though. I board my competition horse and have two horses at home, plus a gaggle of other animals to take care of. When I'm working I usually get up around 6:30AM. I have my feeding/watering routine down to 15 minutes - that's two horses, 14 chickens, 2 cats, and the dog. I have all of the feed organized and in convenient locations and I made sure to build my chicken coops close to the barn to minimize time. I leave the house at 7:15 and get to work about 8AM. I work and eat lunch at my desk while working so that I can leave at 4PM for the barn. It takes about 45 min to get to the barn from work, ride and done around 7, home just before 7:30. I go immediately out to feed and do stalls. Usually in the house by 8PM. Luckily my boyfriend likes to cook so he usually does dinner when he gets home from martial arts at 8:30 and I put in a little more work if I need to between 8 and 9. The horses I have at home usually just gets pats and treats during the week and they get their attention on the weekends.

          This all changes up on lesson days. My trainer usually only works until 2 or 3 so I do lessons before work. I get up and feed around 5AM, out the door by 6AM, at the barn just before 6:30 for a speedy 15 minute tack up time. That leaves 15 minutes to warm up, lesson from 7 - 7:45AM. Cool down, untack, then dash to work and get there around 9:30. Work until 5:30 and come home to do my chores

          Exhausting? Sometimes... But I LOVE my horse and am totally dedicated to my riding so I rarely mind it. I don't have many days when I don't feel like riding so far - I'm going on 3 years with this schedule. Now that I've written it out I'm not quite sure how I don't burn out... So far so good though


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            Right now I have my trainer ride 2x a week and I ride 4x a week. Its really nice to have the extra help/feedback and not stress if I don't go more then 4x.

            I have a health condition that limits my energy so I have to be realistic that I'll probably never do the 6x a week if I didn't have this help.

            I work FT....and commute 45 mins to work, barn is 30 min in the opposite direction.

            I also set my own hours (more or less) and I try to get in by 7am. I couldn't ride this much if I worked a corperate office job (ie-9-5er).

            I do not have kids (by choice) and DH works evenings so I have very little I have to "get home for".

            Once I get to the barn I really love it, I have a fantastic new horse who hopefully will be ready to show. I leave the barn so happy and it was worth it.

            Other things that make it work: I stop at the grocery store that is located near the barn (its not a common store so its a bit of a treat) and it makes the drive worth it. I carpool with a friend who lives by me as much as I can. I listen to podcasts in my car (DH hooked up iPod to car radio)....I bring fruit and snacks so I can go right to the barn after work.

            Dh does all the grocery shopping and since we are never home at the same time we don't really do "dinners" in the evening so I don't really cook a lot.

            A big reason this all works for me is all my main stores are on my way to the barn (incl feed store), I don't make extra trips to get grain, dog stuff, etc.


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              Originally posted by exvet View Post
              I am able to do it because I have the horses I ride/show at home. I have 4 that I'm personally campaigning/training (though a total of 7 at home). I work an average 50 hour work week when you consider the emergency duty. I'm the medical director for a humane society. I drive 70 miles one way to work. Most of my days I am doing surgery but I have a lot of administrative duties as well as the multiple medical cases I manage.

              In terms of work, I couldn't do it without an awesome staff of technicians. I depend on them greatly. Still there's no way to do what I do without loads of stress. My horses are my stress relief. The long drive actually helps me unwind.

              By the time I get home, luckily my son has already fed the horses (oh I guess I should mention that I have 2 children too). I check all my email (usually in the hundreds), eat and head out to ride. On the days I work I can usually get 2 ridden in the evening. On the days I don't work I ride 4 and occasionally 5 (one of my kids horses may need a tune up).

              I have greenie meanies as well as older, more advanced horses. I start and back my own. If I did not have a lighted arena I couldn't get mine ridden as often as I do. I try to ride everyone at least 4 days a week and there is usually one I'm more focused on each week so I'll ride that one 5 days and then rotate. I believe in planning out the riding and training schedule of my horses. I recognize the fact that life is short so I prioritize my riding (fortunately my husband isn't too concerned about how I keep the house, helps with laundry, etc) and don't get much sleep. There are times when the lack of sleep catches up with me; but, I still seem to manage to advance my horses, juggle the workload and get up each morning to do it all again. Oh, and I'm on call 24/7.

              The horses I couldn't do without a supportive family. I am grateful that they recognize how important it is for me to ride. It helps that my kids ride too (my daughter is currrently a working student back east for a large dressage barn). So obviously for me, it's (my life in general) a team approach. I consider myself VERY lucky to be able to do it all.
              So apparently I need what YOU have. Omg women, what are you made of :-)
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                Originally posted by LookinSouth View Post
                I work 30-35 hours per week, that doesn't include work I need to take home, no flexibilty in my schedule as far as my hours.
                In order to ride during the week I must ride immediately after work before hubby gets home with our 18mnth old baby. When I get home from the barn I am very busy feeding her dinner, playing with her and getting her ready for bed while my husband gets an hour to exercise or run. Then I make dinner for us, do laundry etc... We get her to bed by 7:30 or so. By 8pm I am so exhausted that I pretty much sit on the couch and try to answer emails etc.. but usually end up falling asleep so I hear ya on the exhaustion factor. My day starts at 4:45am M-F so that doesn't help either .

                My commute to work is about 40 min each way but luckily the barn is literally 1.5 miles from my house. I LOVE that, it has made life much easier. I used to drive another 25 min each way to the barn. If my horse wasn't so close I don't think I would be able to ride as much as I do with a young child.
                Generally I ride 4 weekdays and 1-2 weekend days. In order to have the energy to ride I have to stop home, let the dog out, get changed and leave immediately. I cannot sit down. That is key. Keep moving
                I have about 2 hrs from the time I pull in the driveway to the time I need to be back home to help my husband with our daughter to get to the barn, ride and be back.

                As far as running errands etc.. I try to set aside one week day to handle that after work. If I have errands to run that usually means I cannot ride too.
                We don't have kids yet, but my husband and I hope to in the next year or two, more towards the two since I do have some eventing goals with my boy.

                But, gosh I can't even imagine adding children to my current schedule though I an extremely lucky to have a super supportive hubby and only a bonus he can't wait to be Mr dad, so have a built in baby sitter.
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                  So I have to ask, what do yall's houses look like :} lol some times I hate having company b.c there are days after I'm done with work and horses, the last thing I want to do is clean a house lol..

                  So I tried something new this morning, I had breakfast! Lol crazy dat at work, lots if meetings... But got to the barn around 5:30 and had a great rude... Then lapped the trail twice... Sooo nice and got a well needed gore hug

                  And as my life and schedule are, its a Friday night and I'm at home on CoTH lol.... You know your horse when....
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                    So I have to ask, what do yall's houses look like

                    Well when my children were younger (think infants to 8 or so) my house was spotless most of the time. We had more company back then and my kids were crawling around and such. I did my best to keep the house clean for them. I frequently cleaned at night or really early in the morning after doing barn chores before the kids got up. I did ride less then and had fewer horses that had to be ridden; but, I still competed and made sure I rode at least 3 times a week.

                    Once both my kids were full-time in school and able to do chores, well, we started divying up who was going to do what. I got to ride more (started trading in broodmares for more projects) and eventually it got to the point that I did major house cleaning when we would have company coming (just didn't/doesn't happen as often) or when I couldn't stand it (the mess) anymore. Right now my house is picked up, carpets have been vacuumed and floors swept but definitely no where near what I would consider clean. No one complains and if they do they know what they can do - CLEAN IT THEMSELVES.

                    My husband and I are both veterinarians. My kids are very capable of physical labor now that they're 16 and 19. Everyone knows how to cook. Everyone knows how to do laundry and push a broom and/or vacuum. It's a combination of a socialistic state and a dictatorship but it works for us. As I stated in my earlier post, it helps when your whole family rides, your extended family is familiar with the horse scene too, and your spouse is in the same profession - not a whole lot left to explain or justify to just is.
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                      Originally posted by RoseBud143 View Post
                      So I have to ask, what do yall's houses look like
                      I clean once a week, the basics is all I do unless I have time to do more. Sweep, vacuum and mop floors. The bathroom get cleaned as it needs it. I hate a dirty bathroom. The dishes get done by DH, it is our agreement, that he does dishes and I cook. I do a decrapifie as is needed.

                      The house could be cleaner and but I don't care if it not and DH if fine with it, he knows how to clean as much as I do. I try to not have a lot of stuff laying which makes the house easier to keep clean. Also it is easier to leave love notes in the dust.
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                        I work 40+ hours a week. I also enjoy spending weekends with my husband. I do it by being honest with my riding goals, and with what I will be able to manage on my schedule. It helps to remind myself that my horse is just as happy sitting in his pasture as he is being ridden.

                        I don't get out to the barn more that 2 or 3 times a week, and so it took me longer to bring along my green horse than it would have if I'd been able to get out more. Though it didn't take as long as I thought it would. My green horse was pretty forgiving, and time/maturing took care of a lot of the green-ness. I also managed to get him far enough along in his training that he could be hacked by a young lady at the ranch to get him out and exercising more.

                        Use the resources avalible to you, don't be afraid to look for help, and don't worry about how long it takes to get the job done. The horse isn't going anywhere, and if it takes a little longer to reach your goals it's no big deal. Enjoy the journey, and don't feel guilty for taking the occasional nap.
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                          Originally posted by RoseBud143 View Post
                          So I have to ask, what do yall's houses look like :}
                          Well, we're never there so it stays pretty clean!! We have two dogs (soon to be three) that go to the barn with us every day; four house cats; four barn cat & two finches.

                          When I get home from the barn DH usually starts dinner and I start the laundry, cat boxes etc. After dinner I check & answer emails, do paperwork & the like.

                          Saturday mornings the house gets a general "once over" to remove the herd of dust bunnies roaming free. Since DD is grown & lives on her own now, it's just the two of us so it stays fairly clean. I rather have a clean barn any day
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                            I have a cushy gubmint job with a long commute. so 40 hours all told.

                            I do consult work @ home when it comes up--right now thats paying for training/board for 1 at Over $700/mo. Now its really busy so Im lucky to get out 3 times/week to ride. Wish it was more but weather and time just dont work out much. Indoor is more crowded when rain hits every 48 hrs or so. DH tolerates, kids follow along. They are old enough to cook/clean but require reg bribes. They are busy w/ school and extras so I dont ask them to do much. Spring break--coming soon!!! Yeah.

                            So food is served & floors/clothes are clean. Not much else done right now. Hate that but time is not there right now.
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                              Admittedly, easier on days and in the summertime in general. I work min of 40 hrs a week. In the winter and on nights, I don't get to the barn that much. No indoor, no lights on the arena, a lot of the times I would just go out and groom, even when I had a rideable horse. House stays cleaner tho...
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                                I start work at 6:00 AM and get off at 3:30 (get every other Friday off due to a compressed work schedule). I head right to the barn after work. Sometimes I have the energy to just groom and care for the guys, sometimes a good workout for both of them. I've also yardwork and house stuff to do...all part of life I guess.

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                                  For me, as long as its day light and im physically able to get to that barn...i am. Today was stressfull at work (receptionist is driving me absolutely crazy lately!!!) But ik when i see my girl my whole mood will change. In my opinion i work so i can have her so i know if i can get through the day she makes up for it... i got a 4 year old ottb so ik what you mean.
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                                    Originally posted by RoseBud143 View Post
                                    I an extremely lucky to have a super supportive hubby and only a bonus he can't wait to be Mr dad, so have a built in baby sitter.
                                    Its great to have a supportive husband that truly enjoys fatherhood. That will make it much easier for you . My hubby picks up our daughter from daycare every day so I can ride after work and also hangs out with her on the weekends for a few hours so I can go to the barn and ride. Its a give and take so I make sure that he gets "his" time too without the baby.

                                    Having a young child while also riding regularly definitely requires great time management. I realize now that before the baby I had alllll the time in the world to spend at the barn.


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                                      Three things:

                                      1) I pack a bag and go straight from work to the barn on riding nights. If I went home first, it would never work. I'd never get back out the door again.

                                      2) My other exercise (boot camp class) is early a.m. (6-7 a.m.), so evenings are clear for riding and family.

                                      3) My house is a mess, and I mostly don't care. When we want to have family over for a meal or socialize, we just hump it on the weekends and get things tidy enough. Life is too short to be an angry cleaning zealot, and I'd rather ride my horse than be 100% on top of cleaning every day.

                                      I get to the barn about 3-5x a week. I am a webmaster for a research office in NOAA, so it's a good job.
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