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  • Animal Communicators

    I know a couple ladies that are very intelligent and knowledgable horse owners. Both have used an Animal Communicator and believe in them. In both cases, the communicator told them something that was true that could not have otherwise been known. I hate to see friends tossing their money down the drain with these people. Why is it that some people believe in them? Is it because they are desperate for answers and have exhausted all other sources.

    I recently told one person to make up a factitious horse and problem and ask the communicator for their opinion. They won't do it, but that would surely prove what phonies these people are.

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    I don't believe in animal communicators. However, to each their own. Aside from expressing your opinion, there's not much you can do to help a fool not separate from their money....


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      I mean, I can read a horse's body language and can give you information on what most likely happened to them in their past, based on the body language and behaviors the horse exhibits, and how they respond to me. But, that's a trainer. Not an animal communicator.


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        I think people want to believe that crap in a great quest to anthropomorphize their animals even further or prove they have some speshul connection with their animal.
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          There was a long thread on this recently where we all had our say!!!


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            Originally posted by Scribbler View Post
            There was a long thread on this recently where we all had our say!!!
            I was just going to say that thread went south quick with analogies to flat earthers and such.


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              I must have somehow missed that thread. Is it in Off Course? Sounds like an interesting thread to read when I'm stuck waiting in the doctors office or something


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                True. Someone reported pranking the AC by refusing to give out the information they were rushing for, with predictable results. Then they were told on the thread that it was no doubt their lack of faith that caused the AC to not connect with the horse.

                On the topic of psychics and mediums this documentary showed up on TV locally and I really enjoyed it.



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                  Originally posted by WildLittleWren View Post
                  I must have somehow missed that thread. Is it in Off Course? Sounds like an interesting thread to read when I'm stuck waiting in the doctors office or something


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                    Thank you!


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                      EVERY good horseman/woman in an "equine communicator." They read their horses and the respond accordingly to what they "read." It's the ability to see the horse as it actually is in our Newtonian universe at some specific point. We don't need Quantum Mechanics or "emanations from an aura" or special beliefs in spiritual forces. It's just dull, boring observation and understanding of what's being observed.

                      Anything beyond that is wishful thinking at best and fraud at worst.

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                        Originally posted by Guilherme View Post
                        We don't need Quantum Mechanics or "emanations from an aura" or special beliefs in spiritual forces. It's just dull, boring observation and understanding of what's being observed.
                        Ding ding ding. Renowned historian Raul Hilberg said "I have never begun by asking the big questions because I was afraid I would come up with small answers." The minutiae of anything is what makes the big picture. It's in paying attention - real, close attention that we get "the magic" with horses. It's not a cool answer and it's not a cool process. It's literally just looking and thinking.

                        But anyone can do that, if they choose to dedicate themselves to it. So much better to call it a psychic gift only accessible via paying $29.99 to use Debbie Horsewhisperer as a medium

                        To each their own, truly, but it does get under my skin to see people - such as one person local to me - charging $50 for a "session" wherein they come look at your horse, feel their vibes or whatever, and then report back. IMO, if one is skilled at reading horse behaviour and body language and wants to monetize that skill - hire yourself out to teach people the skill! Don't pretend like you've got some secret fancy gift so that your clients can only get that info by paying you. And if one isn't skilled at reading horse behaviour and is still collecting cash by telling well meaning owners what Dobbin is thinking... well. Jesus. Bold move, but pretty low and scummy.


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                          I tried this one once as a last resort with a horse I'd sunk thousands into and between different vets, chiros, osteopath, and various professionals, no one could tell me what was wrong with him or even find anything physically wrong with him and he had a long unknown history.

                          I didn't give her any details except a summary of the above. She asked me tons of questions - have you xrayed this? have you done that? All the while I'm thinking, huh?? You're the communicator. Shouldn't he be telling you what's wrong?? per her adverts.

                          In the end, she gave me some wild, outside the box diagnosis, something to do with chest pains, because literally everything else had been looked at. It turned out to be neurological...

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                            OP there are some interesting stories in the thread I linked. You just have to sift through some passionate posts.


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                              Let's NOT start another AC thread- the last one got heated enough!


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                                I'm with demidq. Let's not go there again. Please.
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                                  A number of years ago there was an animal communicator session at Equine Affaire in Mass. We went for the heck of it. The only thing that made an impression on me was what she asked the audience to do. You handed a picture of your horse to someone you didn't know. Mine went to a couple from Rhode Island. The AC person talked us through a routine that basically had you hold the photo and let your brain waves work for something like 10 minutes. Then you told the person what you picked up from the horse.

                                  They said they saw red close to him. I was using a bright red saddle pad at the time.

                                  They said he didn't think his name was dignified. It's Speckles, and still is. Partly from his sabino paint pattern, and from the names of a couple of predecessors. His real name is Mr Eternal Fun. What do you do with that?

                                  They said he complained about not having any friends. He's the alpha (before, then and after) and he was more into management than cultivating friendships.

                                  I don't remember much about the picture I did, except that whatever that horse did he really enjoyed and was good at it.

                                  I think what brought me up short was the red. When I first arrived at our barn 20 years ago (before I had my own horse) the BO's family had a wonderful 16 y.o. black lab named Mandy Jane. She used to follow me around waiting for a couple of treats to fall out of my pocket. She was going to make it through another winter but met a tragic end when an old family friend who should have been grounded ran over her legs and she had to be put down. I swear I kept looking behind me for about 10 days. I could feel her back there. Then she was gone. Go figure..........
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                                    Why do the naysayers always feel compelled to save someone from losing their money? Maybe it is not only fun for that person (we all pay for entertainment in some shape or form) but maybe it helps them emotionally. It's their money and their life, if they chose to "believe" in animal communicators what's the problem?

                                    I don't know that I actually believe in it, but I have called several. One in particular was spot on with info that she could not have known. How did she do it? I don't know and I don't care. I was entertained and it also gave me ideas of ways to help my horse.


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                                      Why are people so concerned with how other people spend their money? If you don’t believe in animal communicators, don’t use them. If you find using them to be helpful or comforting, then go for it.


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                                        I think people are expressing their opinion, not necessarily wanting to save anyone money?

                                        Why are those that believe in animal communicators so defensive, not wanting to hear any other opinion than how great they may be?
                                        Some people don't see anything in it and when asked, as here, will state that, why not?
                                        Animal communication is controversial, why the different opinions.

                                        People have all kinds of opinions, some believe this or that and present their reasons to do so.
                                        Others may not agree and explain why.

                                        That is called having a discussion.