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  • Would you want to board here?

    Regional horse boarding page on Facebook had the following appear today, and something about it just suggests slow-moving train wreck:

    "Hello everyone!! (redacted) Ranch is going to be accepting a new boarder sometime this Spring! We are located in (redacted). I'll talk about money at the end because we are willing to work with the candidate/offer trades for boarding.

    First off, we are a private ranch, not public. Which is why we are very picky about who we board with. Once we trust you can show up unannounced, but until then you simply just have to text me to let me know you're coming. My landlords have several medical issues so I essentially run the entire 29 acre ranch and I'm in charge of all money making ventures.

    An ideal boarder would be someone that is not trying to come over every single day, 1-2x a week is ideal, specifically weekends since I work all week. I've had my horse for 15 years and I broke him bareback and tackless and also liberty style trick trained him (he's up to 15) and I've been a horse caretaker for 4 years, as well as an equine vet tech. I can do antibiotic injections and vaccines if needed so you can trust your horse with me always.

    Also an ideal person would be a good trainer/rider. (I would need to see some kind of photo/video proof that I can trust you alone and I would need you to sign a non-liability agreement of course) Anyone willing to exercise/train our horses can work out trades like discounted boarding. I'm also willing to trade labor for boarding, I have several projects around the barn and mucking is always appreciated. We are also very rustic, non-professional, Cherokee blood horse whisperer kind of equestrians. I literally never use bridles. And my quarab has been barefoot his entire life and his hooves are flawmess. We aren't fancy fancy so another good quality would be someone down like us thats down to earth, drama free and here for the love of the horses.

    4/6 of our horses are broke and used for trail rides, 3 of those are AQHA ex-cutting winners..., 1 is my grade Quarab (who is the fastest horse on the property) and there are two that I have started and have rode both of them, but they need more and more hours. One has one eye, and I adore working with him but it's difficult with out a second hand because he is so skiddish. The other is a beautiful black mare that was a grade broodmare that my landlords decided to keep, she looks like some kind of draft cross.

    Anywayyy cost to board would be anywhere from $100, to $250. $100 being if we work out a good trade schedule or something of that nature. Weather - if there's a drought or the pasture freezers we will need extra money to put hay in the pasture. And then obviously, pay depends on if you buy your own feed/square bales or whatever you feed, or if you're unable to the horse could share what ours get but that would of course be extra. Lastly pay is loosely affected by where you want your horse to stay at night after quarantine - we have stalls, we have paddocks with shelter, and during the day they have the entire ranch which they have full reign of. I have conditioned them to a cowbell so even if they aren't already waiting for food at the barn I can ring and watch them gallop home 💞 Also, not being sexist but if you are a girl with a boyfriend that is mechanically savy (or if you're a guy that's a good farm help) we can do super cheap boarding in exchange for fixing some things around the ranch.

    ANYWAY sorry for the long tedious ramble, you can PM me for an estimate. I would also love a riding partner I could even use lessons, and would trade for lessons! For anyone who wants a glimpse of the ranch, you can check my "horse" instagram: (redacted)
    Remembering this isn't happening until Spring! (unless the perfect case was to arrive"

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    This cannot be real.


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        Originally posted by islgrl View Post
        This cannot be real.
        Yeah... Sorry, but it very well could be genuine.
        There are all flavors of batcrap crazy in the Horse World.

        Like the 20-something NH "trainer" I interviewed just to to farmsit for me.
        Interview was okay.... Until, as a parting thought, she asked if she could bring her horse to stay there while I was gone.
        To my 5ac, no shelters in pasture, 2-stall barn used like a run-in by my 2 geldings.
        Yeah, that would be just peachy NOT!
        *friend of bar.ka*RIP all my lovely boys, gone too soon:
        Steppin' Out 1988-2004
        Hey Vern! 1982-2009, Cash's Bay Threat 1994-2009
        Sam(Jaybee Altair) 1994-2015


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          Not if I was desperate!
          "He's not even a good pathological liar." Mara

          "You're just a very desperate troll, and not even a good one. You're like middle-school troll at best. Like a goblin, not even a troll." et_fig


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            Should have been a poll... but a solid no for me and I didn't even read the whole thing
            When you start to observe, you become more effective... your movements soften, you see more, you are more available to becoming a team member. Be an Observer first, a Handler second.


            • Original Poster

              It appears to be very real. I was amused by how many times the potential boarder was invited to offer repairs and other services including training and lessons, while also invited to generally stay the heck off the property,


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                "Also, not being sexist but ..." let me be wildly sexist here for a sec.

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                  No ! couldn’t even read it all !
                  Zu Zu Bailey " IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE ! "


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                    I bet the writer of that ad is not yet a full-fledged adult



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                      Seems like a satire.


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                        If the property was clean and well maintained and the horses healthy, maybe for a retired horse. Depending on what the alternatives are and relative cost. But would not work for me with my riding horse.


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                          Either the person who wrote this is 14, or they are a 48-year old man with a panel van and a kidnap kit in the backseat. I'm not sure which.


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                            Funny. You can only come out once or twice a week....unless you do chores? Ha. If you do chores, can you then ride on those days? After approval? Do you have to do your test video ride without a bridle? Yeah, sign me up.


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                              Lol I found the place and the post. It doesn't LOOK bad, the horses look well cared for, but the post sounds kinda psycho.


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                                Definitely has a 'newbie' ring to it.

                                The best part is we all have to know it will suit someone. She'll get her boarder.

                                But it's a big 'no thanks!' from me.
                                No matter where you go, there you are


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                                  I would not go near the place with a riding horse but it could be ideal for a retired horse ,*if* the owner really has competent management skills. However the ad also tells me the person is OCD and doesn't really want to run a boardung barn so I would definitely have my Spidey senses on alert. And it would need to be cheap cheap cheap like $100 a month for full care!


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                                    No way!

                                    I did learn a great new word from reading it however:
                                    "And my quarab has been barefoot his entire life and his hooves are flawmess."


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                                      First lesson of marketing: if your advertising is apologizing for being a "tedious ramble" you're probably doing it wrong.
                                      If you are allergic to a thing, it is best not to put that thing in your mouth, particularly if the thing is cats. - Lemony Snicket


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                                        Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Undoubtedly, whatever poor soul ends up there will probably be bombarded by unwanted, "professional" horsemanship advice from whoever this 15 year old child is.