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What products have improved your/ your horse’s quality of life?

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  • What products have improved your/ your horse’s quality of life?

    What product(s) have seriously made your/ your horse’s life easier, more fun or just overall better?
    **Let’s keep big purchases such as truck, trailer, arena, farm out of the discussion please!

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    I use this little-known product called Super Gastro-Shield. I don't know what kind of black magic is in it, but it has made a tremendous difference for my gelding. He's been on it for years now.


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      an alarm clock for my wife so she can get up to do the early AM feeding


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        Unfortunately, it looks like we're not allowed to post product names.


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          You are absolutely allowed to post product names. I can think of dozens but first on the list would probably be Magic Cushion.
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            A bit warmer! The bit blanket does a much better job than sticking a cold bit under my coat somewhere on a cold winter day.


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              A coffee maker for the horse trailer. Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee horse show mornings!


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                Trying to think of the simple but critical things I rely on with my little herd:

                I’m a huge fan of the rough sponge grooming products, i.e. Tiger’s Tongue. It’s simple, but a much kinder way to remove dried mud than most options, and horses glow with this as the primary grooming aid. There are other threads on it, but I’m shocked at how much I love it! Great for effectively grooming all over and sensitive areas.

                Well-fitted blankets for all forms of weather, therapeutic saddle pads, and good senior supplements help the older ones stay comfortable.

                I also love slow feed hay nets - inside year round and outside in winter.

                Many are on-board with saddle fitting, and I agree - well-fitted tack matters. But I’m a huge believer in bit fitting now, too. Way better than owning/trying a ton of bits.

                Good bodywork/alternative treatment options are essential. Love myofascial release/massage. My mare strained her hind end in a pasture incident, hurt her shoulder with a big spook, etc. I’m very careful how I work mine, but the bodywork is a lifesaver when needed. Lucky to live in an area with options.

                On that note, most important for my horses is my education as both a horseperson and rider. I appreciate tried-and-true approaches, but want to stay aware of improvements in our knowledge and options for horse husbandry, without being fooled by unproven/impractical trends.


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                  *My* life was made better by those metal, round,mud rake things. Seriously- I have 4 or 5 of them.

                  Those pitchforks you can change the tongs- I posted mine on FB when I got it for Christmas a few years ago.
                  -I am Killer Of Pitchforks. Hubby was like - Really??? THAT is why you are bragging about??? YUP.

                  Those cheap spiral hoses that I can take to a horse show, don't care if I leave it or *when* it dies. Also great in a pinch in winter when dragging my regular hose out is too cumbersome.

                  When I redid my stalls, I had swing out hay/feeders and water buckets swing out so no one has to go in the stall to feed or water. (negative I can't fit a cozy on buckets)

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                  • #10
                    Mounting block, a three step, tall one.


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                      In my nearly 60 years of horse ownership --I'd say fly masks and fly sheets --blankets existed (I think everyone had a NZ rug) but where I lived never saw a horse in a blanket like today. I would say fly spray, but "back in the day" there were some fly sprays for cows (don't recall seeing horse specific fly spray as a kid) that worked better. Probably had some chemical that is banned these days --but remember spraying my long-suffering horse (I was a dumb kid) and watching flies land and die --just like that.

                      And basic nutrition --I fed clover hay because I thought the flowers were pretty in it (dumb kid again), and ear corn --because I liked ear corn (dumber and dumber).


                      • #12
                        Three awesome vets and a wonderful farrier.
                        I know, I know....this is about products... But they are good to my three high maintenance geldings and keep them going strong and I am grateful for that.

                        As far as products go, Conquer HA gel works great and Emerald Valley Benegest Pro has helped my mini with his sensitive digestive system. And Biosponge. Can't forget the Biosponge!
                        I also like those shrinking hoses, so much easier on my arthritic hands.


                        • #13
                          And those one piece jump cup/pin combined ( once I figured out how to use them)
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                          • #14
                            Lightweight blankets, effective wormers and vaccines, better treatment options for arthritis, and better saddle fitting spring immediately to mind.

                            My lightweight, flat transparent no freeze hose has been a game changer for winter horsekeepinig at home.


                            • #15
                              Technical fabrics for breeches, sunshirts, biothane tack, stretchy expanable hose (I know there's a real name for these but I'm drawing a blank), pelleted bedding, new designs of boots ie Easy Boot Gloves, Renegades etc
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                                A heating blanket or pad for those cold days to help warm up the horse's back muscles before putting a saddle on.
                                I was careful to start on the lowest setting for only a few minutes then slowly increased it based on the horse's reaction.

                                Horse Quencher

                                Red Light Therapy pad and CetylM Horse Joint cream for injuries and sore areas


                                • #17
                                  Shoo Fly Leggins for the horses.

                                  Fine Tines pitchfork for me.

                                  Nelson and Bar Bar A auto waterers for all of us.
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                                  • #18
                                    Ultimate hoof pick, Velcro breakaway trailer/cross ties, and Polyflex glue on shoes.

                                    Those shoes have changed both my life and my horse's life, they're AMAZING.


                                    • #19
                                      Moving to free choice big bales rather than feeding twice a day has improved mine and horses lives.

                                      EIS sun shirts.

                                      Elite Three feed.

                                      A good body worker who offers PEMF therapy and myofascial release. The difference he has made on my OTTB has been outstanding. It has been eye opening to really see how low grade muscle stiffness resulting in bad posture relates to lameness down the road.


                                      • #20
                                        Duct tape and starlight mints.
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