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what do with the passed horse's stuff?

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  • what do with the passed horse's stuff?

    I've lost two horses that I kept some of their stuff that I just couldn't let go (halters and bridles mainly) in a bin in our outdoor shed. Now that I'm re-arranging, I found that bin again and feel bad that the items are just sitting getting moldy, but not sure I want to part with them either (don't fit current horse).
    Any ideas besides clean them up and put them back in the box? Like a keepsake or something I could make?
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    ours is not in boxes but hung where they always have been, at times one of the current horses will be honored to wear a halter of a former great

    Bridles and saddles were made for those guys and are kept with the current dudes' equipment


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      Check pinterest for some ideas as to repurposing halters etc, there are some clever things you could reuse them for, saw one shop make purse tabs or key chains out of leather halters with brass name tags.


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        Pinterest should be able to give you some good repurposing ideas, check there!


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          Originally posted by clanter View Post
          ours is not in boxes but hung where they always have been, at times one of the current horses will be honored to wear a halter of a former great

          Bridles and saddles were made for those guys and are kept with the current dudes' equipment
          I've always boarded, so the stuff came home.... Now that I'm creating a barn at home, they could have their own place to be when things are ready.
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            I have halters whose original owners passed 10yrs ago & 1 halter is being used on a 4th horse, still bearing the original nameplate.
            Another halter hangs on past horse's stall, now occupied by a pony.
            I keep these conditioned, sometimes just a once-over with a leather wipe.
            Horses were living on my farm when they passed.

            I have 2 bridles displayed in my LR for sentimental reasons. They get conditioned on occasion.

            Blankets, spare nylon halters & extra grooming supplies were donated to a riding program for inner-city kids.
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              I've seen pictures of some lovely shadowboxes, with a halter w/ nameplate, a photo or two, and maybe a particularly cherished ribbon or award.

              If a halter is still in decent shape, I'll pull the plate off and use it mounted to a wooden picture frame containing a favorite photo, and then reuse the halter. If I had a large enough space in my house for a giant Xmas tree, I'd use those halters as tree decorations.

              A treasured halter or bridle can be kept clean, figure-eighted, and hung neatly in your office -- think of it as hunt-style d├ęcor but with sentiment.

              Blankets, bits, and non -personalized equipment just gets cleaned and either stored inside or put into rotation for my current herd.
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                I've had my 25 y.o. horse for 18 years and find I have things lying around that should be "repurposed." Often I have found something better, more modern, nicer color, higher quality, etc. The store that did consignment has closed and I'm not a Craig's list type. At this point in my life I've decided that if someone at the barn, particularly new horse owners or barn-rat kids, can put it to good use, it's theirs. Some things have gone to the Maine SSPA refuge barn. A saddle and some tack are moving to the therapy program at the barn.

                I know what I will keep for sentimental value. I really don't need a half-dozen web halters and a couple of rope halters and an extra set of brushes. Out of sight, out of mind as they say. If you find it but forgot you owned it and it isn't useful, it's probably time to part ways. Sentimental value is always useful.

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                  My first horse's bridle (custom, without reins) is mounted in a shadowbox with a picture, engraved plate, lock of mane, horse shoe etc. His halter passed on to another, I still use the reins on my hackamore, and each of my other horses has worn his breastplate at some point. I hung onto his saddle for years but it didn't and wasn't going to fit either of my next two horses and I eventually sold it.

                  My second horse's halter is destined for the shadowbox with a photo, a show ribbon, his tail, etc. His bridle has been partially cut down for another horse, who also got the grooming kit. Saddles passed to the next horse until they were outgrown and sold. I gave his decent blankets to a friend who had horses his size. My subsequent horses were sizes smaller.

                  So far I'm going with the one piece of tack that was special, and dressing it up method. Everything else is for reuse, gifts, sale or trash.


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                    I have my first horse's that passed lead rope - I have used it on every one of the boys since, including the 2nd horse I lost.
                    Then I have 1st's halter bridle still and an extra bridle for some reason, and the halter I left my 2nd horse in at the vet clinic when he didn't make it home. It was actually the first halter I ever bought, and was for a horse I was leasing and I kept it even though it was too small for "my" first horse, it ended up fitting the 2nd. I have already sold or donated blankets, saddles and other tack of theirs. I guess it is time to make something with the halters/bridles I have been holding onto as I still don't see myself parting with them.
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