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How many saddles is reasonable to own?

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    There is never too little space or too few horses to own truly great saddles! Right now I have one never-sell, one might and might not sell that's a truly great saddle and has borne the test of time, one overly expensive PITA I would REALLY love to unload that I can't stand the sight of (and OF COURSE it fits both my horse and me) and one breaking saddle that was cheap enough to never sell. Oh, and an old Arabian show saddle that needs some new parts.


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      I think I have 16? But will admit that I might be a bit of a hoarder
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        I have a shoe fetish and I also have. Saddle fetish

        I am down to two horses. There are still seven saddles in my attic. I also still have the saddle mom bought me, new, in 1959 for my first horse.

        I am a lifelong trail rider and have ridden bareback 90% of my lifetime. Saddles were for people who rode with me --- and ---- well --- because I thought they were pretty or they needed rescued out of a manure pile and restored


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          Fact - One cannot own too many saddles. Saddles enhance emotional wellbeing on all levels. It’s somehow related to the heady rush of bliss experienced upon entering a tack shop. And btw, can’t someone invent a perfume called “Tack”? Or at least a room spray? Meanwhile, carry on saddle shopping, it’s good for you.
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            As many as you want. It's your money, after all.

            I have four saddles for three retired horses, and we won't talk about the number of bridles, blankets and wraps...
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              Originally posted by PNWjumper View Post
              I think I have 16? But will admit that I might be a bit of a hoarder
              Someone worse than me! I only have 7 for 2 horses!


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                Oh, dear. Asking that "hard question," are we?

                I was just contemplating this very issue last night, as with the arrival of my new dressage saddles, I am now officially at N + 1. Well, N + 2 if you count the western saddle (which I do not, as I don't ride western.)

                I have four horses, but two are essentially retired. (They are sound and rideable but older... and I don't have the time to ride 4, sigh.) So say two riding horses.

                I have 8 saddle racks in my tack room. Pretty brass ones, like I always wanted. Now covered up by all this tack. I really need to downsize a bit. But, well... horses. Whoever said that the minute you sell a saddle, a horse will immediately appear for whom it would have been perfect. And I do have that one empty stall...

                I *know* I should let the jumping saddles go. I don't really jump anymore. But the one older Beval is useful as a guest saddle and it's a wide which is good for one of the older retired horses, if and when someone occasionally comes to sit on him. And it's older and probably not worth much. The other one IS likely worth a fair amount - it's a gorgeous CWD Mademoiselle with custom cream piping and matching leathers - but I am unreasonably attached to it.

                The others are dressage saddles and a few really need to find new homes. I have casually advertised a couple of the midrange ones that I never use anymore. Not much interest so far. The others are higher end brands - Devoucoux, Hennig, Antares etc. They may be worth sending to consignment. Anyone have recommendations on good consignment places to contact??

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                  Im so glad to read this. We don't even own a horse and I recently had 4 saddles. I took one back because it wasn't a good fit and now another student wants one of them so Im back to 2. My daughter half leases a horse and we have 2 saddles that fit her horse. I just started a full lease on a horse so Im looking to get another saddle or rehab one that i already know fits.

                  I love saddles and I have a hard time passing up a good deal on a decent one.


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                    At one point I owned two, and didn't even own a horse! I got rid of both as they were jumping saddles when I switched to dressage. Right now I only have one saddle and one horse! The saddle is a nice, but older model and it fits my horse, fits me and fits our trainer. If we ever decide to upgrade, I doubt I will sell it, as it is really well made and comfortable.
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                      This is like asking how many saddle pads it is reasonable to own.


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                        I come from a long line of item specific hoarders hehe. Guess what I hoard?

                        I have 6 western saddles, two English Wintecs then one assuie. I also have 12 pack saddles.. if those count lol


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                          Currently 2 saddles (dressage and a jump saddle) while owning 1 horse. At my peak I had 4 saddles, 3 jumping and 1 dressage....with 0 horses. I'm always eyeing saddles as I haven't found something that fits me quite right yet.


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                            Originally posted by rhymes_with_orange View Post
                            This is like asking how many saddle pads it is reasonable to own.
                            Yeah, I'm good with 1 saddle per horse (2 horses = 2 saddles) in current use. 1 not so old Antares custom CC saddle that I can't seem to part with (dressage rider now) and my very first 'good' saddle, an ancient Prix de Saute, obtained when they were the height of fashion (along with prix de nation). Can't seem to part with that one 'cause who would want it!

                            Now saddle pads, lord love a duck, that is a full on hoarder situation. But so many cool ones and monogrammed and embroidered ones, so few horses to buy them for...............I digress.
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                              Originally posted by enjoytheride View Post
                              Why, who's asking? I don't appreciate your tone.
                              There is no legal limit on # of saddles owned in any state in USA. 😎 Check the resale and consignment sites daily for good buys. It's like men and their guns.


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                                I have 5 for 2 rideable horses and just ordered another. I'll probably sell at least 2 of them as I just don't have space. So I'd say that is my limit - tack room space. I've bought and sold a lot of saddles over the years and can't say that I regret selling any of them.


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                                  Originally posted by cloudyandcallie View Post

                                  It's like men and their guns.
                                  You are too right! Can I steal this if BF ever once questions my need for saddles (or insert______horse item)?

                                  I currently have 3, 1 Thorogood, my main saddle (well was), 1 Kincade that was bought to resale and has been sitting on the banister upstairs for well over a year and 1 western (not sure of the brand anymore) that was used about 20 times in 5 years. I keep the western under the pretense that someone might need it (in my defense my dad, nephew and brother have all ridden in it). I really do need to part with the Kincade but for whatever reason I am clinging to it. The Thorogood has the capability to adjust the width so I don't need the Kincade. I guess that adage that the size horse that fits it will appear has me clinging to it for now. Also I am very recently horseless but will not stay that way for very long.

                                  I think the only limit for saddles is space and money, if you have both then the sky is the limit!

                                  Now if you had asked about fly masks, well we won't go there......
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                                    Since it's October 3rd, I'll use a Mean Girls quote - "The limit does not exist!" Event and you can justify double the saddles, too In all honesty, when I need to sell saddles, I sell the ones that I'm not using that I can get the most money for. For example, I'll chose to sell the 5 year old monoflap with exposed thigh block over the 20 year old county competitor.


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                                      Oh...saddles. Let's see. 3 horses. Two western saddles (I don't ride western, so ??) two dressage saddles (I hardly ever ride dressage), and four h/j saddles. My DH rides, too, so he can claim one, haha. To my credit, I do have one dressage saddle in the consignment shop. And I did just sell two others saddles. So down to 8. I hope the consignment saddle sells. I'm out of saddle racks, already.


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                                        Originally posted by rhymes_with_orange View Post
                                        This is like asking how many saddle pads it is reasonable to own.
                                        I didn't know there was any "reasonable number" to saddle pads?

                                        I ran out of fingers to count all I have and that is just those you can see hanging in the tack room.


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                                          I have 2 saddles for my horse and 2 for my daughters horse. I had 3 for my mare but I sold the one as I didn't care for it and hadn't ridden in it for years.

                                          I don't think you can have too many saddles, can you?