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Can we have an adult re-rider support group?

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  • ^^^^ I think she wants boots to show tall leather boots.


    • yep, tall leather boots. leave it to boot shopping to highlight all my body image issues


      • MrsFitz - I'm so sorry to hear about your fall and shattered confidence, I hope physically you're feeling a bit better. 4leaf and PF gave you wonderful advice, just know that most of us have experienced some form of this type of fear before - you're not alone. Take it as slow as you need to and remove all pressure from yourself, if you need to spend a week just being led around on a horse, so be it. ((HUGS))

        Lucky - Ugh, I'm so sorry about the tall boot troubles. Do your shows require tall boots or are you allowed to wear half chaps? If half chaps are acceptable, maybe just keep saving until you're ready to splurge on a pair of customs? Sounds like that might be the easiest option at this point!

        Greys - So glad you and Sandro are safe! Some of the footage I've seen is absolutely terrifying. Happy to hear you had such a great show. He looks so much more confident in those videos, and your riding is just lovely to watch!

        It has been a major adjustment for me being at this barn. In the past, if I was boarding it was always at fairly high end show barns and I knew if I missed a day or two my horse would get ridden, lunged, or hand-walked. I now have to make the time to get to the barn every day (sometimes twice a day) otherwise risk the chance that Cash will be standing in a stall for 24 hours straight, and/or he'll be turned out in a too warm or too light blanket. I'm starting to get a little burnt out, to be honest.

        While I love where we moved, I really hate the barns in this area, they just do things so differently. I'm still trying to connect with the potential new trainer. I spoke with my old trainer yesterday and she's going to call her for me so hopefully that will speed the process along. Crossing my fingers it all works out and I can get them moved quickly!

        In brighter news, frequent hand-walking, and super long warmups have seemed to help resolve whatever stiffness I was feeling in Cash last week. I've also been religious about putting his BOT hock boots and sheet on him half an hour before I ride which I think has made a difference as well.

        He felt so good yesterday I even set a couple of verticals to pop over. The best part was I was able to loop the reins and had a relaxed, rhythmic horse under me. It was one of those days where I didn't feel like I had to do anything, if that makes any sense.


        • Sugar, sorry for your barn woes. I am crossing my fingers that the potential new trainer works out and I hope the ponies find a good place. How long do you think you'll be in this area? Are you still thinking of buying a new farm in the future?

          Very happy to hear about Cash feeling better. That's sure a relief. I have BOT hock boots for Chico (and used on Katie) as well. I'm not sure I noticed a difference. But definitely can't hurt, right?


          I have a question to ask everyone.

          1. Do you workout/exercise outside of horses?
          2. If so, is it regular/scheduled?
          3. What is your workout of choice?

          Since I haven't been running, I feel out of shape. I just rejoined the gym and went for the first time this morning. I cannot run yet, but I can walk the treadmill, bicycle, eliptical, row. So I "thing" I will just mix those up and do something different each workout. Then I'll do weights/resistance training. Today I just worked on back and hamstrings. I've read that as women we are VERY front-sided and weak in the hamstrings. That's why (according to this author) women have such a high risk and high occurrence of knee injuries. So I'm going to work on that.

          I know I ride much better when I'm at my fittest. I don't need to lose too much weight, maybe ten pounds, but I just want to work on my fitness over winter since it's too cold to use the greenway outside. Brrr. Unseasonably cold already.

          Thanks, all!


          • Sugar - I know your pain about fretting RE: blankets. It's definitely cold enough to need them outside, but I was getting worried about Cosmo being too warm in his stall after being turned back in. I found him a bit sweaty under just his waterproof sheet when I went out to ride about a month ago (he was trace clipped), so I was heading out to check on him even when I wasn't planning on riding and asking barn staff to check if he was too warm in his stall. Now it's colder out and he's graduated to a full hunter clip, so I'm less worried about him overheating, but I'm sure I'll find something else to worry about before long. Is there any way you might be able to make arrangements for a fellow boarder to check on him and his blanket situation on days you can't make it out? Perhaps offer to do the same for them if it's ever needed? I might have the edge since Cosmo was previously a school horse and there's about a dozen lesson kids who would jump at being asked to check on him, hand-walk, etc, but just a thought!

            PF - For your questions: 1.) Yes. 2/3.) For the most part - I use my lunch break at work to take a brisk 30-minute walk every weekday and will hit the gym for 30-40 minutes of elliptical work or strength training maybe two to three times a week. I prefer the elliptical since I still get really terrible shin splints while running (thanks, high school track team!) or doing anything higher-impact. In the summer though I burn so much extra energy sweating my tuchus off that I tend to slack on my extra workouts.


            Had another AWESOME no stirrups lesson last night - jumped a true 2'-2'3" course last night sans irons - an opening 3-stride coop to vertical, long run diagonal to a vertical gate, up the opposite outside 2-step outside line of verticals, ending on a bending line from an oxer to the in of the 2-step line. It felt great though Cosmo was feeling very spicy and we had to interrupt the course to circle and calm back down once or twice.


            • PF I deliver junk mail by bike for 2 or 4 hours a week depending if hubby helps me. So I get paid to get fit.

              I work for work and can walk up to 8 hours a day. This has caused nothing but problems, shin sore, heel spur, plantar fascia and no weight loss or fitness so I no longer believe them saying walking helps lose weight!!!!!
              It is better to ride 5 minutes a day than it is to ride 35 minutes on a Sunday.


              • Originally posted by SuzieQNutter View Post
                PF I deliver junk mail by bike for 2 or 4 hours a week depending if hubby helps me. So I get paid to get fit.

                I work for work and can walk up to 8 hours a day. This has caused nothing but problems, shin sore, heel spur, plantar fascia and no weight loss or fitness so I no longer believe them saying walking helps lose weight!!!!!
                Yeah, unfortunately exercise is only maybe 20% of weight loss. What we eat accounts for a whole lot more. Bummer.


                • Greys - I'm so glad you and Sandro are ok, and congrats on another great show!

                  Sugar - So frustrating, I hope it works out with the new trainer.

                  Technicolor - Wow I'm impressed!!

                  Paradox - I'm a big fitness buff (former 50k endurance runner, though haven't run nearly as much since I got Cupid), and lucky my work has an on-site gym so I go during lunch or after work. I do one hour cardio 5 days/week; usually running though currently limited to spin and elliptical. I also do a 30 minute abs/conditioning class 2-3 days/week, and try to catch a yoga and pilates class each at least once a week.

                  I had Veterans Day off work, and our air quality improved enough that I took Cupid for a trail ride. We went to a sculpture garden, a large open area with giant art installations. It is not open to the general public but members of the trail club my friend belongs to have access. Cupid was very good, and didn't bat an eye at any of the unusual art pieces we passed.


                  • Sugar- the shows aren't rated and don't require tall boots. I don't have half chaps anymore, but that is a great, and cheap, idea, however I have brown paddock boots. I'm glad Cash is doing so much better!

                    technicolor- glad you had such a good lesson, way to continue NSN.

                    PF- When I don't have a crazy work schedule, I work out as follows: weight training M, W, F cardio T, Th (45 minutes). MWF have optional cardio as well. It's a prescribed workout called Old School New Body- you do three sets of the exercise then 1 set to failure. Each day has some similar elements, one day is more UB, one is more LB.


                    • Sugar - so sorry the barn situation has you feeling stressed. Is there not an option to have someone turn him out/check blankets? What do people do if they have to be away for work or, as has been frequent for me the past few months, a wedding or such? When I had my business most of the clients were "full service" but we did offer "a la carte" services for the few DIY clients we had. Any option like that?

                      MrsFitz - I'm sorry you had your confidence shaken. We've all been there to some degree. Heck, I wimped out a bit yesterday as it was cold, G hadn't been turned out and we had to ride in the indoor. (Not my favorite.) I only walked and trotted as I knew he was pretty fresh and I didn't want the canter to turn into more than I could handle. PF and 4Leaf have given good advice. Take it day by day. Don't put any pressure on yourself and you'll find your way back in the saddle.

                      PF - I think I've mentioned before, I'm a runner. Mostly cross country on the trails on our property. I try to do between 4-6 miles 6 days a week. I have an elliptical for when the weather gets bad (like NOW) or I have some cardio workout DVD's I'll pop in for a change of pace from time to time. I'm actually thinking of trying a barre class next month when horses are in FL in place of riding (to get the core work in). DD started doing one a couple months ago (easy for her with her ballet experience). She thinks I could pick it up. We'll see.

                      I'm not planning on riding tomorrow as we are supposed to get a mixed bag of frozen precipitation! Hopefully it will clear up (and warm up!) for a ride on Friday.


                      • We had record snowfall last night, and it's still coming down hard this morning! It's so beautiful, I would guess we have about 6-8" on the ground - unheard of this early in the year! Snow day for sure! But, of course I'm stressing about not being able to get out to the barn today. Ugh.

                        Techni - Wow, that's so awesome, I'm impressed! You're going to feel so solid in your position by the end of this month! The problem is I never see other boarders when I ride so haven't really had the opportunity to ask anyone if they'd mind swapping blanketing duties. It's a short lived issue, so I'm trying to just stay calm and be patient!

                        TC - How cool! A ride through the sculpture garden sounds amazing. What a brave boy Cupid is too, I think Cash's eyes would have been bugging out of his head! Glad the air is clearing up and that you guys were safe from the fires!

                        Lucky - Some of the nicer half chaps can even pass as tall boots from a distance, I think that would be a great solution for you, especially since you know what brand of paddock boots fit you! I would definitely explore that option. As a bonus, no painful breaking in period!

                        Lost - Since I usually ride mid-morning, most boarders are at work and I never see anyone there. And let's just say the BO isn't the most accommodating person in the world....I don't plan on having them there for more than a couple of weeks longer and fortunately we're having cold enough weather day/night that a medium-weight is working well. I'm so ready to get the heck out of there!

                        PF - I used to either do Kickboxing classes or Success in the Saddle DVDs religiously. I haven't been working out regularly since we moved and I can tell a major difference in my riding. I feel like my core is nonexistent. I've been warming up (~10mins) in two point and I can definitely feel it, whereas when I was working out that always seemed easy. I need to get back at it too. I really enjoyed the Success in the Saddle DVDs, they are rider focused and really made a noticeable difference.

                        And yes! We're currently searching for a new horse property. We hope to find something and be moved in by spring. We'll split the time between the city house and the farm, so I'm very particular about the facilities. Ideally, the barn will have an apartment so we can hire someone to look after the horses while we're at the city house.


                        • Sugar, so glad you're only at that barn for a limited time. And I'll be happy when you can farm shop! That's always fun.

                          Thanks, all, for your input on your workouts, etc. And may I say, TC, I'm in awe of even the thought of 50K. I'm going to strive for a 5K...seems so inadequate now, haha. Sugar, I've not heard of those workouts for riders. What type of workout is it? Core work primarily? Like you, since I haven't been able to work out consistency since the fracture, I don't feel my best in the saddle. And with TBG, I need to feel my best, I think, to ride him properly. I need to work on my canter transitions!

                          Austen, SugarTC, Cupid rocks. So do you. I would be nervous on your trail ride, to be honest. You pony is such a good boy! I hope his "cousins" Jazz and TBG can learn to be like he is. I think they will when I get some good work on them, though. They're pretty sensible when worked.

                          tech, great job on your no stirrup work. That's really awesome!


                          Okay, I have to post a pic that my DN sent me yesterday. Makes me sad, but also just makes me smile, as this was the essence of Leo. (Notice, this was the time of the "Franken-dog" incident last year.)

                          Click image for larger version

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                          • PF- what a sweet pic, thanks for sharing

                            Sugar- are brown chaps/paddocks acceptable in the local show ring or is it just not done?


                            • Lucky - at schooling shows (unrated) I always wore chaps and paddock boots in our area. Then I wore a turtleneck and nice sweater (for winter) or a nice polo shirt (summer). Here I am at Brownland in the 1990's.

                              Click image for larger version

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                              ~~ How do you catch a loose horse? Make a noise like a carrot! - British Cavalry joke ~~


                              • 4Leaf- thanks for the info, and the pic! What a fun pony- reminds me of a QH I rode named Sunny- my one and only short stirrup class and we came in Reserve.


                                • Regarding half-chaps...( I can post this on the FAL, however you guys are my people and not snarky )

                                  Do you buy the exact calf width? If I'm 14.25, do I go for the 15 or the 14 width? And I've heard the leather ones drop, so if I'm a 16 height, do I go for the 17 to account for that?

                                  Thanks for putting up with the boots/half chaps debacle- I have time on my hands and I want to take advantage of good deals, if any, next week.


                                  • Lucky - I've always heard size down for boots since they'll stretch. Might be uncomfortable to start but will have a better end result than getting the size up and having them be loose/baggy/etc. after stretching and dropping.


                                    • PF - I had a trainer recommend these DVDs to me years ago and fell in love with them. I recommended them to VJ and she really seemed to benefit from them as well! They're led by a dressage trainer/fitness instructor and really focus on all of the important riding muscles. There are 6 workouts and each are around 20 minutes long. All they require are hand weights. I try to do one a day, six days a week. One workout is just ab work, and another is a lighter workout designed for days you're going to show or have a lesson, so they're more focused on loosening up your hips and preparing you for your ride without exhausting you.

                                      I can't recommend them enough



                                      • Okay, Sugar! I do know of these. I have not tried them, but I do recognize them now with the woman's name. I'm glad you gave a good thumbs up, though. I think I'll go ahead and try them now. Thanks!


                                        • PF - I hope you enjoy them!! Great picture above, btw! What a sweet, giant "lap dog" he was

                                          Lucky - I'd size down to a 14", they'll stretch a little bit but they won't drop like tall boots so you'd probably be fine with the 16".

                                          Do you guys have any bridle suggestions for me? I have an older Edgewood (~6 years) but the noseband broke the other day, and I have some loose stitching on the cheek pieces as well. Looking for something that I can show and school in. I clean my bridle after every ride, so I'm a bit disappointed the Edgewood didn't last longer. Any suggestions? Would like to stay under $400-500.