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Can we have an adult re-rider support group?

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  • Our show went so well! We ended up winning the adult equitation o/f and were Champion! It went well enough that I toyed with taking her to an A show this weekend, but decided not to - we will save our A show debut for when we are 100% ready. Here is a picture of me and Fiona from after the show. She has the absolute sweetest personality - and she is a green chestnut mare! How do most people share videos on here? I have some videos of our rounds.


    • EqJumper: congrats!!!!! Love to see the video! you can upload to youtube and share link here


      • Eq - Congrats! I'll echo Faye, we'd love to see the video! Youtube or Vimeo should both work.

        Greys - I'm in love with your new boy, as you already know. I can't wait to see how he progresses! How long will he be with Cara? Will you still be riding him much during that time?

        The FB lead is traveling in Europe right now and wants to set something up when she's back, but I'm not sure when that is. I actually have another potential lead, too! There's a lady at our barn whose horse died recently. She had it in full training because she was too anxious to ride, since the mare was a little hot/sensitive. I guess she wants to get back into riding on something that will be a safe confidence-builder type. She's planning to try him in a lesson tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. The lady who was initially planning to lease him starting in June will be done with rehab in October, so if these two leads don't pan out then I'll see if she's still interested.

        Faye - Your trainer sounds like a great fit! It's hard to find someone that strikes the right balance between building up your confidence and pushing you past your comfort zone. Hopefully as time goes on you get more self-assured in your riding, because it sounds like you're having quite a bit of success so far!

        PF - Any update on the potential new horse?

        Lost - It sounds like you guys had a great show a few weeks ago! Love hearing about DD's progress. That's good news about the bloodwork, too!

        And yes, the half lease situation has been frustrating for sure. I think part of the issue is that most of the people trying him have never owned or leased before - they're from my trainer's lesson program and are interested in taking the "next step" without fully understanding what that entails. I try to explain it to them upfront, but perhaps it doesn't really sink in until later. Or they figure "it probably won't work out but what's the harm in riding the horse anyway?" not really understanding how much goes into that trial (risk, time, effort, etc.).


        • Hey, all. Okay we have definite plans to go to KY this weekend to look at horses. Although there are four OTTBs I'm looking at, I have my heart on a 3-year-old. So we will see. I will tell you about my thoughts this weekend! Wish me luck. I am looking for the anti-TBG, haha.


          • Paradox - How exciting! Can't wait to hear how the trip goes.
            Greys - I love those videos, especially your view at the canter! Hudson is so handsome and SHINY.
            lostin - That all sounds very exciting and promising! There is a Lulu at my barn and she sure is special.

            Okay, I was able to figure out how to get a video! This is our 3' adult equitation round. It was just a small show at my barn and the first real course we have done at 3' so I am pretty proud of us!
            This is "Untitled" by EqJumper on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


            • Eq- what a great round and game little mare! Congrats.

              PF- heaps of jingles for horse shopping.


              • EqJumper: Fantastic round!! I love how flowy your round is! Very nicely done! Congrats on the win!

                PF: Pictures please! have a feeling you will be bringing home a new pony!

                Mustang: With so many potentials, i'm hoping one of them will work out for you! This is so frustrating.. but it will happen!


                • Will catch up when I get the computer out again. For now, a drive-by to share our best dressage round yet. May not look that impressive, but shows HUGE improvement for us! This was at our barn's little schooling show last week. Two weeks prior, we'd received a 44 on a scoresheet that mentioned the word "tension" SEVEN TIMES.

                  This past weekend, NO mention of tension, and received a 32.5! So proud of my Winnie B! Still lots to fix. My hands need a lot of work, and I injured my back at the previous show and have some sciatic stuff/numbness lingering on, which is why my right foot is kind of dangling in the stirrup. She needs more impulsion, and she got away from me and got above the bit a few times. But she's finally making progress, and I'm thrilled!


                  Cross and stadium were fun but uneventful. She's beyond ready to move up on those fronts. Clear and no time faults, as is Winnie's MO.


                  • Eqjumper, greys, meg... LOVE the videos. Keep them coming.

                    Had a nice ride before work this morning. I rode Chico in our front grassy large paddock for a change. He was, as always, a good boy. DH rode Jazz man out there too. He was good as well.

                    Heading to KY in the morning. I will take pics. Decided not to take the trailer. If I like a horse, we will just have to go pick it up later. I am also going to go spectate at the TB TIP championship show the following weekend. Maybe I can work something out then if I need to pick up a pony. If I do get one, the 2020 TIP and possibly RRP Makeover are my goals! I have not met any of my goals the past few years. It is about time I Woman Up.


                    • Meg- great video!

                      PF- Super excited for you, Are you looking at several?


                      • Lucky, yes maybe four. But one favorite.

                        Did you do your boots on Sunday?


                        • PF- fingers crossed for me and you both! I bathtub the boots this Sunday, and pray I don't have to wear scrubs over them come Monday


                          • PF: Best of luck!! Maybe you will turn around to pick up a pony!

                            Meg: Lovely dressage test!!

                            Lucky: I would love to see how the bathr ub method works!

                            Last lesson before my trip- i saw an oxer and i was a little scared. The new trainer does push me a little but will always keep me safe. We had a tricky course practicing tight turns and angled jumps. Because the turns comes up so quickly, you gotta look way sooner. It is so nice to be able to post here again


                            • Faye- I believe in you! You are always welcome here I love our group b/c no one makes me feel like less than just b/c I ride schoolies and don't lease or own.

                              Tried on the right boot, the tight one, and had a panic again- finally got it off. I have my trash bags (thin ones) as a precaution for tomorrow. I do think this may call for one of my nerve pills prior to donning boots.


                              • Hello all! The last week has been a good quiet for me, we made a shoeing change for Cupid and it seems to be working out well. We had a good lesson this morning, though he was a bit lazy. Or just taking advantage of me not having my whip (just forgot) or spurs (took off deliberately since he's been shedding he's a bit extra sensitive)! Yesterday we went on a very nice trail ride, with my friend I usually go with plus another friend from my barn. It was a bit challenging since all the horses had a slightly different preferred pace, but we all took turns leading for a bit.

                                Paradox - I hope you had a good horse shopping trip!!

                                Greys - Good luck in Sonoma!!


                                • Hey, all. Back from horse shopping. Well, I like two horses. So I haven't yet decided on the right match. I like them both for different reasons. Decisions, decision. I actually liked three. One had someone test ride before I did, and they ended up with him. So down to two.

                                  Heading back up to KY Friday, anyway, to watch the TIP show at the KHP, so will see them both again.

                                  Hope you're all having a good week and enjoyed the holiday weekend.


                                  • Paradox - that sounds like a pretty good problem to have! And kind of ideal that you get to try them both again in a week and see if your impression has changed. Fingers crossed one will work out!!


                                    • Faye: your drop in inspired me to do the same, even though it's been ages and i feel guilty for not having checked in in so long!

                                      I am SO happy you made a decision that works for you and found a trainer who is respectful of your time and feelings. You can keep things simple and not have to stress. Since this is what most of us do for fun, making it stressful is not good. It sounds like your lessons have been encouraging and that riding is fun again. I'm super happy for you!

                                      Greys: I love Hudson; he looks dreamy. Are you showing at Split Rocks (DDs trainer is there showing, she says it's great). Of course, you always make everything look easy!

                                      PF: what a fun problem to have! I love horse shopping....

                                      Hello to the new folks, I'm also a lawyer....but have been for a really long time...and feel OLD. Anyhow, it's always nice to meet other attorney/equestrians.

                                      Things have been going, well great, for me and Hope. Around the time he turned 7 in March, things started to click (and he'd stopped growing and i was staring to get used to his giant stride). We just did jumpers this year since that's what i bought him to be, but we never knew how he would turn out. Turns out he's a jumper. While he's a huge, sweet, unflappable derp everywhere else, he's a dragon and all business once the buzzer sounds. And he's so much fun! No, I still can't get my left lead most of the time and he feels a little like an angry washing machine on that side, but it's jumpers! And he'll jump off the wrong lead fine.

                                      It was my goal to get to the 1.10 by the time we got to Tbird in August and we did it; with some success (a few ribbons in huge classes). he spooks at nothing and could care less about the liver pool. he's just such a good horse. Made those two years of "what the hell did I do" worth it! We even ended up qualafying for Zone Championships in the 1.10. It's at Thermal in November, I'm not sure I can get away from work, but would love to go. I've never ridden in a team format.

                                      DD is doing great too. She moved up to the 3'3 juniors. The bad news its thats the max for her cute black gelding, and so he's for sale. I think I've got her convinced to move to jumpers (no braiding bill!)

                                      Anyhow, I'm excited to be more plugged in with you all again, it's been a crazy fast summer!


                                      • BITSA!!! You have to go to Thermal. I had sworn off but a good friend of mine bought the show series and is taking it over, so I'm going both weeks. It is SO COOL that you qualified, please go so we can cheer you on!!!


                                        • BITSA - I can't believe it's been two years since you've had Hope, I still remember when you said you were buying him sight unseen I'm beyond thrilled it worked out so well for you!! Congrats on qualifying!!