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opinions wanted! pessoa gen X?

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  • opinions wanted! pessoa gen X?

    Hey guys, sorry for yet another saddle thread but I really would like peoples opinions on the line of pessoa gen x xch saddles. First, are they actually considered a close contact saddle or just an all purpose (ive been given both as an answer)? For those who ride in them and compete in equitation, do you think they make good equitation saddles? (i do 3' eq and medals) I know they are no devoucoux or cwd but $1400 is the absolute max I can spend on a saddle. Also, is there a specific model that you reccomend (the regular xch one, natural, prestige, or the original with no xch). And any other things you have to say about them? I would really appreciate any info you have on them. thanks :]

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    I had to ride in one for a few weeks while trying to find a new saddle, (it was a loaner from my friend since the saddle I was selling didn't fit my horse anymore). Anyways, I hated it! I was fighting it every time I rode and it was not comfortable at all. One of my barn friends, (who just does 2ft and hasn't been riding for very long), has one and it seems to be ok for her. I had the same budget as you and found an Antares $1200 in excellent condition. I'd recommend looking for a higher end saddle used, but if you've ridden in the GenX's and liked them, then I guess it could work.


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      I've never seen someone sitting in a gen x with correct equitation.
      i sat in one for about 5 minutes before declaring it a nightmare.
      RUN from that saddle
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        I have one when they first hit the market. I think it's fine for the money, and it's certainly not uncomfortable. I am 5'6" and skinny with a long leg, and it works for me. Would I prefer a Devacoux? Sure, but that will never be in my budget.


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          I had gotten a new one when I got my new horse - it was one of the few saddles that fit horse and my budget. Quite frankly, I really liked that saddle - got it brand spanking new and never felt uncomfortable and it was pretty easy to break in - but then I'm old fashioned that way - no saddle pad or very very thin one.... Unfortunately it didn't fit my horse after a couple of years - he matured and muscled up... I think I liked that Pessoa more than the Bates I have now... and sure would love to have an Antares or Bruno but not in the budget right now. Another saddle that several folks at my barn have been very happy w/ is the Beval Stanford .. it's pretty economically priced as well - and seemed to fit all the horses at my barn too.


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            Originally posted by Petstorejunkie View Post
            I've never seen someone sitting in a gen x with correct equitation.
            i sat in one for about 5 minutes before declaring it a nightmare.
            RUN from that saddle
            HAHA I've had mine for 5 years and would have to say the old ones are the best, but my college's trainer still says I ride like a dressage/event rider, not a hunter equitation rider, because of that saddle. It really does seem to me that it encourages you to sit back in the saddle rather than keep a forward seat.
            That being said, it depends on on the rider. Some Pessoas are very love it or hate it without a middle ground, this is one of those.

            Unless you can test ride one and decide it works for you, I would suggest staying away from the new gen x saddles.
            Edit: After looking at some more images of the gen x xch, I would say its not a traditional close contact, but more of an all purpose seat.


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              I looked at a Gen X this summer - the shop owner/fitter suggested it based upon the wither tracing, unfortunately it didn't fit the pony's shoulders BUT it was a nice saddle of good quality leather: it was also at least 10yr old stock & DD noticed a huge difference between it & a 2009 version (which sat completely differently). I mentioned this to the shop owner & she agreed that she would no longer be carrying the Gen X line as 2 new saddles she'd brought in did not fit any horse she'd tried them on (it's a Go To shop for the area): 1 is an X-change, the other is a fixed tree Gen X.

              OTOH I'm also not a Bates fan - if that X-change system & tree are so great, why only a 5 year warranty on the tree & the warranty on the CAIR is even shorter (2 years I think)
              I live in an area that stocks alot of Bates/Wintec/Collegiate CAIR saddles (almost every tack shop has em) BUT there is no saddle fitter in the area that services them - I always ask saddle retailers where repairs are sent & they really have no answer ...


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                I have a fairly novice rider half leasing my hose and she decided she wanted her own saddle. She wanted to go new (just couldn't deal with used shopping, shipping in different ones, etc) so we went to local stores and she tried Beval (Stanford, Devon), Bates, Collegiate, Crosby, Courbette, HDR, and Pessoa.

                She is a little older and super picky about comfy/couch like saddles. She hands down like the Pessoa best - she got the Gen X Elite. The trainer liked it the best as well for her. The Beval was the only other one that made it the barn for a test ride and it put her in an odd position.

                So these all encompasing statements (stay away, they put you in a chair seat) obviously are not true for everyone. Will depend on your build.

                A lot of the local hunter/jumper trainers have been putting their clients in the Pessoas around here. Another one just ordered a Gen X Natural the other day. She told me there is a fair bit of variation between the models, so it might help to find a place that has a few different ones.

                The leather is nice (panels) on my half leasers - it was kinda odd though, because the store said she didn't have to oil it and it was true. It kinda came already soft and oiled if that makes sense? And grippy. All she had to do was wipe it down and put on a little Lederbasalm. The seat leather is different - it is kinda odd - I am not sure if I like it or not. Looks almost dried out, but? Maybe it is just the texture.


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                  I bought a Gen X XCH almost a year ago and I love it! I'm 5'7 with a long leg (17.5 seat, long flap) and this saddle was the only one that we tried besides my trainer's Delgrange that fit my horse. The leather is good quality, broke in well, and the XCH will come in handy for other horses.

                  The only quibble I have is that the saddles don't come forward flap- I could have used a tiny bit more room in the flap when I put my stirrups up for jumping, but I'm not complaining because I'd probably need to go custom for those kinds of specifications... My leg also tends to slip a little forward when I go with no stirrups, but it's only on one side so I think that's more me than the saddle.

                  About the chair seat- I'm glad it makes me sit a little more back (but I wouldn't call it a chair seat- more like proper HJ eq seat) because my old saddle caused a huge perching problem and I'd be in 2-point practically all of the time. The first time I sat in the Gen-X when I tried it, I was like "Am I in a chair seat?" and both my trainer and the saddle fitter were like "No, you actually look good!" So I think it depends on the kind of rider you are and your body type, etc. But it's like that for all saddles, so I wouldn't make generalizations about this saddle.
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                    I have one of the older Gen-x's as one of my school saddles, have had it for years of hard wear and tear, and it is holding up beautifully. It fits a wide range of schoolies and fits most of my students.

                    After my old (really old) 15 3/4" Pessoa a/o junior got sent back for a twisted tree this last summer, they were going to replace it with the new a/o junior (A+++++ customer service even years down the road!!), I asked to upgrade to their new 16" forward flap Gen-x Natural with the calf skin, as that old a/o with the sticky suede knee rolls, was what I started all my ponies in and needed something with more grip. I have fallen head over for the Gen-x Natural. It is really much better quality than anything I have seen them put out in the last handful of years. Fits me like a glove, encourages correct eq., has the changeable tree (even though the med. it came with fits most of our horses well), is a beautiful saddle, and has been taken hostage as my personal saddle. (I had to hunt down another used pessoa a/o junior for the kids to keep their hands off of mine! haha)


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                      Thanks everyone for your advice and your opinions! I will definatley take in to consideration your suggestions. I guess it sounds like I'm going to have to try the saddles first before I can tell if they will work for me or not. I am still a bit confused as to why these saddles are considered all purpose, because I always see them advertised as h/j saddles. I always thought h/j saddles had to be close contact? Ahh well you learn something new everyday haha.

                      And if this helps anyone, im a thin 5'5 with a VERY long leg (altho i perfer to ride in a shorter flap). I normally show in my friend's Decoucoux Socoa and I really like the feel of that saddle, but i dont have an extra 4,600$ lying around.


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                        I wouldn't consider it a A/P saddle. It ranges on the deeper side for CC saddles but I definately would not consider it a A/P, which are far deeper seated than the Gen-X.


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                          I have a Gen X XCH Prestige and like it quite well. I think it is a heck of a lot of saddle for the money. I bought it as an extra saddle & to use for horses that were too wide for my medium tree Antares. Yes, the seat is a little on the deep side, but not unreasonably/uncomfortably so. I bought mine with the forward flap, and I would recommend considering this, because the forward flap seems very normal to I do wonder what the regular flap is like. IME no way does it fall in the all purpose range, though.


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                            I had an '05 (ish?) Gen-X long flap that I really liked quite a lot. I'm actually not really sure why I sold it; must have been horse fit problems... it went to someone in my barn and then I borrowed it back for an entire summer while waiting for my County to appear.

                            I thought it was a nice saddle. Super comfy, and it didn't put me in a chair seat or anything. I went to that saddle from a Crosby PDN (aka The Seatbone Bruiser) and was AMAZED that they made saddles that comfortable.

                            My only issue was that the one I got was bright, bright orange and didn't go down after quite a lot of cleaning and oiling. Only thing that took care of it in the end was olive oil (figured that out AFTER I sold it... figures) and even then there were parts that wouldn't take the oil. Kind of weird... part of it was nice medium brown, perfectly acceptable, and the rest bright orange. Eck.


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                              I never cared for the older model GenX saddles, but I have to say I just ordered the GenX Natural this week after sitting in the Prestige over the weekend! Once I found out the new GenXs come in a forward flap I was sold. The standard flap would have been fine in the hunters, but I do jumpers and needed just the extra bit to be able to sufficiently shorten my stirrups. I think its a heck of a lot of saddle for the price and the XCH tree makes it useful for alot of different horses. I'm definitely looking forward to getting my new GenX


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                                I have the Rodrigo XCH ( I don't believe they use the gen x name anymore) and I like it. I would consider it a close contact saddle, not an all purpose, but the seat is deeper than many other close contact saddles...that's one of the things I liked about it. It took me a little while to get accustomed to the really soft seat, but now I like that too. I have a fairly long thigh. The flap accomodates my leg well, but I don't ride with particularly short stirrups.
                                I don't think it will wear as well as my old Stubben, which wears like iron, as the leather is quite a bit softer.

                                I would caution anyone who is thinking of an XCH saddle to use on several different horses. While it's not terribly difficult to complete the gullet change, the screws go into plastic threads, which are probably not intended to hold up to multiple changes. I bought my saddle with a medium gullet, rode in it for a while before determining that my pony needs the narrow, at least for now, and made the one change. I think you could certainly change the gullet a couple of times a year, but probably not a couple of times a week.


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                                  I had one of the older Gen X models. I really liked it, but I think it may have been because I hadn't been exposed to a lot of saddles before I bought it. It held up well and I got a great price on it after 4 years of ownership, but I love my Bates a LOT more.


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                                    I have an older Gen-X and I really do like it! Sure it's not a $4,000 french saddle but it truly is a good piece of equipment for what I paid for it. ($750 used in good condition)

                                    It fits most horses I put it on, and the medium tree is more of a wide-medium so it can be padded to fit, which is nice. I've never had any chair seat issues in it, it's comfortable for me, and my trainers have liked me in it. I'm doing the 3' jumpers right now and don't feel hindered by it at all.

                                    Try it, saddles are such a personal thing, it might work for you!
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                                      I have an older Gen-X and been riding in it now for about 8 years. I love this saddle! It is a long flap. It is a slightly more of a deep seat than a close contact, but not an AP saddle really. Personally, for the money I think it's great and it is all I ride in (unless I am doing dressage when I pull out the Niedersuss!)


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                                        i have an a/o and a rodrigo pony and i LOVE THEM both! Both are fantastic saddles and they fit my ponies and horse very well. My trainer has an older gen-x and she loves it and i rode in it some while working with one of her ponies. I thought it was very comforable. But hers is the older version and both of my saddles are the older kind, and i like mine wayyyyyyyyy better than the new ones.