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I would like my summer horse back.

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  • I would like my summer horse back.

    Where can he be found? As of this week, he’s been replaced by a spooky, leapy, scooty, bucky beast. Do I post ISO ads on Facebook? Call all the local trainers and see if they’ve seen my summer horse anywhere? Maybe the police in case he escaped from his paddock undetected by barn staff?

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    Me too. I called to complain about it and they are sending him back to me, but they are backlogged and delivery will take six months.


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      Does he still have grass?

      Try increasing vitamin E to 5,000 IU per day. Hay only keeps minimal vitamin E once dried. Severe Vitamin E deficiency causes horses to have muscle disease and significant issues. There is a theory that slight decreases could play into some of the spooky and strange behaviour we see in the winter. Not quite deficient enough for clinical disease but just below optimal to drive some of the behaviours you are describing.


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        Mine has to be ridden perfectly during the winter, if you’re not straight she lets you know. I’m now learning how to ride very correctly!
        i also make sure to let her get her beans out once a week if so on the lunge line.
        i also agree with the vitamin E, immune is generally happier in vitamin E in the winter. Must get that going again come to think of it!


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          I have found that a lot of time, it’s about the cold.

          Horses are tense and frisky because they are cold, and want to warm up.

          I get very back sore easily from the cold, so I don’t see why our horses wouldn’t.

          It’s blanket, quarter sheets and back on track time of the year for me.

          I have the BoT warmer on while grooming and tacking.
          I have a warm wool quarter sheet for training sessions that I can remove at will.
          The BoT is put back on as soon as the saddle is off.

          During the colder days of winter, I train with the BoT warmer on.
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          Originally posted by LauraKY
          I'm sorry, but this has "eau de hoarder" smell all over it.
          HORSING mobile training app


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            We have fake winter and our horses essentially never get grass. If anything they might get more fresh grass in the winter. But they still get silly. I think it’s a combination of the temperatures, especially overnight, and the light changing. Not just that there are fewer hours of daylight but that the quality of the light is different. Maybe it’s telling them to do something?
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              The one of mine that gets "bad" in the winter is happy if he was warm enough the night before. He wears neck rugs. all winter and wears a heavier blanket than my other horse.


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                Have you tried unplugging him and then plugging him back in?


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                  Displaced Yankee Spoken like a true IT from my work...


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                    i put the quarter sheet on when it gets into low 50s/high forties. i swear it helps.


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                      Originally posted by EmilyM View Post
                      i put the quarter sheet on when it gets into low 50s/high forties. i swear it helps.
                      It absolutely helps, and it's not hard to understand why The horses at our barn are generally blanketed over the winter as our turnout is more limited than summertime and we can't guarantee they'll be able to move enough to stay warm. Plus, many of them are clipped to support being in work. Pretty standard across many barns.

                      So, you have a horse relying on blanketing to stay warm. You take off the blanket to groom and tack up, the horse is going to get chilly. Chilly horses, like people, have tense muscles. Physical tension is the gateway drug to mental tension - particularly when a rider can feel the tension and responds by getting more tense as well (in addition to any tension they themselves have from the cold). Add to that the fact that horses naturally want to move to warm up and there you have it - fall/winter madness.

                      Keep a nice cozy cooler on during grooming and tack up, and use a quarter sheet and you keep those muscles - and therefore the brain - much more relaxed!

                      Good to remember, too, that in the very hot weather horses are often actually relatively sluggish. They have LOTS of physical mass and it's easier for them to keep warm than to cool off. So a horse that is perkier and fresher when its cooler outside is very often feeling more "himself" than when it's super toasty and he's trying to stay cool by exerting as little energy as possible!


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                        DiamondJubilee : Nah, AT&T Uverse customer service when my internet is down. Again.


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                          I have a 7 year old OTTB (chestnut to boot) who thankfully hasn't gotten the sillies yet! I'm about to body clip him next week so I may have a completely different horse on my hands.. LOL. First OTTB chestnut gelding I've owned that isn't spooky, no buck, and isn't ticklish or girthy. Love my guy <3


                          • Original Poster

                            Good suggestions!

                            I’ve tried unplugging him, and then plugging him back in. He looks the same to me.

                            I pulled on his tail a few times, wondering if that was the “reset” button. Nope. I also tried swiveling both ears. Nope.

                            I live in the Northeast, and replacement summer horses are not available until mid-May. They said maybe I could borrow one for a week or so as soon as April, but I’d have to return him if it snowed again.

                            I tried reasoning with him, carefully explaining that although I understand he may get cold, it was 62 degrees out and “a little wind” was no excuse for shenanigans.


                            • Original Poster

                              Oh and I am going to put him back on vitamin E, which I do periodically. Good point!


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                                When I got back to riding I knew I was too handicapped to ride a horse in a "Its COLD!!!!" run, buck, snort.

                                I got myself a BOT exercise sheet, it really helped. Then for the really cold windy days I got a second exercise sheet to put over the BOT exercise sheet. This is in addition to the BOT/ThinLine Contender II saddle pad, the BOT exercise boots, the BOT poll cap, and the Fenwick face mask with ears.

                                The horses I ride seem content to huddle under their exercise sheets when it is cold, especially when I turn their tails to the wind.

                                I just ride in riding rings now, and the rings are exposed to the bitter North wind in the winter. Before I was crippled it was no problem, I liked those gallops. However when I started riding again I ended up feeling really sorry for the horses I ride in the winter, I mostly walk, some trot, and I often have to stand for a minute or two to rest. The poor horses were standing there going "Lady, you know it is COLD and this wind is BITING, but I'm not exploding since I have to take care of your sorry body, DO SOMETHING!"

                                Nowadays the horses I ride are "clothes horses" in the winter and in the fly season. They have come to expect no less than my utmost concern for their comfort.


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                                  RileysMom , you are cracking me UP with this. Thanks for the laugh! I've also tried all of the reset options you did, with little change. Very disappointing.

                                  Though I did confirm recently that my horse has kissing spine, so I'm sure that is part of my issue. I asked if the manufacturer could send me a replacement part, but apparently the model I have was discontinued approximately 10 years ago and parts are hard to come by. So we're going with some maintenance, and I'm buying all of the blankets to keep his little back warm! He's originally from a warmer climate, so I don't blame him for hating the cold...I just wish he sucked it up and used better manners about it, like I have to do!


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                                    Funny, mine has gone the opposite way, Mr Sensible and level headed turned up again.

                                    Maybe there is a finite amount of Pzazz that is issued for the horse population, so it has to be shared around. Chuck had his share for the summer, now it has moved on.
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                                      I am in the opposite boat! My big lazy mare hates to be hot and she can often be grumpy and sulky in the summer. But last week her winter alter-ego finally arrived! I now have a forward and responsive horse with a big floaty trot and canter departures to die for. I will have to watch out for the occasional spook after daylight savings time, when the shadow-ponies start following us around the arena in the evenings.


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                                        We get a real winter here. Like -20 degree winter with several feet of snow 😂

                                        Had our first cold day a few weeks ago. I went out to grain.. shocked and appalled with their behavior 😂

                                        I have a new vet coming out for teeth floating/general winter wellness exam 🥴 wish me luck. I’m super everyone is going to be sedated tomorrow. Including me.