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Purina Outlast - how often do you feed it? Price/bag where you are?

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  • Purina Outlast - how often do you feed it? Price/bag where you are?

    I have searched the archives, but most of the positive reviews just say, "I used Outlast and it really helped" - are you feeding to the directions (1.25c, 3-4x/day) or fewer?

    I keep hearing positive reviews, but 3-4x/day wouldn't work for a lot of people, myself included.

    Particularly for preventative, are people seeing success with only 1-2x/day, for example?

    And what does a bag cost? Online prices are all over the place, due to shipping.

    Feeding 200g 3x/day (standard horse, recommended rate) is a consumption of approximately one 40lb bag/month.
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    I just started my gelding on it about a week ago when we started Nexium. I feed 1.25 cups per feeding, so AM and PM with his grain. I just put it right in his supplement baggies so the barn staff doesn’t have to mess with measuring anything out. I’ll feed an additional 1.25 cups before a ride (although I’m usually riding in the AM or PM right after feeding time, so I don’t do this too often). We’re going to an overnight show in a couple of weeks, so I’m planning to give him an extra serving of Outlast before trailering and before we head to the show ring.

    It costs $37 a bag at our local Runnings (farm supply store).


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      After ulcer treatment this spring, my horse has had one serving (with his evening meal fed by the stable) and an occasional extra serving either in the trailer on the way to the trailhead or at home before we go on a harder ride. Seems to be symptom-free (after a summer of training and competition), so either the treatment worked and nothing I fed will really matter (he is on pasture, access to grass/hay 24/7, no lifestyle changes), or the Outlast helps. Since I'm feeding a small amount it is not so pricey, so I'll keep with it for now!

      Local prices are about $40-45 a bag. I've found BOGO $20 off coupon if you sign up for the Purina outlast trial online.
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        I was feeding 12 oz. 4x/day, after the horse completed Gastroguard treatment. Bag costs about $40.

        I do know people who feed it purely as a preventative 2x/day. There is really no way to know if it is working or not - maybe the horse would also be fine with nothing.


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          I have been feeding 1.25 cups per serving 2x a day for preventative and added as needed for trailering, shows and hunting. Right away I noticed an improvement in his manure during trailering and before hunting - no more loose stools.

          I finally did a course of Nexium only because of an injury that resulted in antibiotics and some not so appreciated stall rest. Outlast seemed to keep him comfortable during our travels without having to step up to medication. I split my added supplements in half so that barn staff can just grab a bag, and not worry if it is am or pm.

          I have no proof that it is working by a clean scope, but I have not have had any reason to scope by his actions since he has been on Outlast.


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            Twice a day, nearly two cups (based on weight) each serving. I use it as a preventative along with SmartDigest Ultra. Nexium during travel, stressful stuff. $34/bag in NC. Ulcers confirmed by scoping, Outlast does seem to work as a preventive (post treatment) for my horse.


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              I feed it twice a day at home to my ulcer-prone horse. He gets another dose before trailering. At shows he gets a total of 3-4 doses a day.

              It has worked very well for him, his hind gut troubles make it so I’m a bit hesitant to go to gastrogard without scoping to confirm.

              A bag costs around $37-40 here.


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                My horse gets it 2x/day, about 1.25c in each meal plus 1 cup along with alfalfa (alfa-lox) before rides. I pay $42/bag.