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Treatments for itchy tail?

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  • Treatments for itchy tail?

    One of my horses is an itchy horse all around. He has no worms or parasites of any kind which has been confirmed by his vet. We have a never ending cycle of tail rubbing. It was fairly good this winter, and spring. This summer he rubbed a good bit of the hair off the top of his tail.

    I have tried prescription shampoos, shampoos recommended by friends, you name it. Anyone have some tried and true concoction for itchy, hairless tails?


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    Worming and Listerine.
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      My mare starts getting itchy when she needs an udder cleaning (about every other week), would imagine geldings might get itchy if they need a sheath cleaning. Didn't get that figured out until after she rubbed out the top of her tail this spring.
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        Sadie has had little mane and less tail every summer I've had her, until two things happened. First, I became a member of the Neck Thread Worm cult. (fecal analysis will not reveal these little darlings, if i recall correctly) Double dosing with equimax/ivermectin largely eliminated the mane rubbing, but the tail rubbing had become habitual.

        I have cleaned her udder religiously, and on the tail itself I've used mtg, swat, equiderma, bag balm, cortisone, benadryl, antifungals and God knows what all with variable results, but the only "cure" had been cold weather, until this summer. She was rubbing her tail some, and finally did enough damage to the stock panels that Mr Jeano ran the hot wire he'd been threatening to run for years. Ta DAH!!!

        Tails growing in pretty good now, and I have pretty much stopped slathering stuff on the stubbly end. I am heading to the barn now to give her her maintenance tube of ivermectin. I suspect that with a good long break from the habit provided by the hot wire that she just might leave her tail alone next summer, PROVIDED I keep up with the NTWs.


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          SmartOmega3. Has really helped my itchy mare.


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            My mare always has an itchy tail from mid July to early September. Just seems that she gets that way every year; it comes at the same time and ends at the same time, no matter what I've done with topicals, etc.

            This year, I started her on MSM and SmartOmega 3 in the spring, and I haven't noticed tail rubbing yet. Knock on wood. I also usually double dose wormer. She had a Power Pac in April, and I'm getting ready to do a double dose of Equimax.

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              Brown Listerine!
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                pin worms- he needs worming


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                  Preparation H works great!


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                    I use TGel/ listerine or at times MTG


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                      Listerine in spray bottle spray on tail and massage into tail ~
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                        First double dose with Ivermectin.
                        Topically, I use a mixture of Equiderm and Desitin on all my allergic boy's itchies.
                        Also, he is fed SmartPak Omega 3 and Bug Off.
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                          One of mine is highly allergic to the biting gnat bastards around here in the summer time. He rubs and scratches himself raw and it just makes things worse.

                          I got him the KOOL COAT fly sheet to wear outside, slathered him in desitine and swat to protect his belly and he doesn't hardly rub at all now when he comes in for the day. The sheet has the tail flap so no gnats are biting him and no more tail rubbing. It also has the neck protection so he's no longer rubbing his mane out either.

                          Good luck with your horse, it's so hard to watch them suffer from the bugs.
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                            Depends on the source of the itchyness.

                            My mare is the queen of the Itchy Spot and tends to be susceptible to fungus in the winter. We've had an extremely dry summer, and the itchyness seems to be dry skin, which would make sense in this case. Right now the skin on her dock seems to be flaky and itchy, so I use a medicated anti-fungal shampoo and conditioner on it once a week. Seems to put an end to it. Keep in mind that I can see the spot that's itchy, and scratching it for her immediately relieves it. If that didn't work I'd think deworming... (although she's on a good deworming program anyways!).
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                              So when I double dose do I give twice his normal dose of ivermectin all at one?


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                                Yes. My mare is ~1100 pounds and I just give two full tubes at once.

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                                  Dandruff shampoo has worked, so far, for my itchy boys.
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                                    I haven't read this whole thread but I know of 2 horses who itched their tails raw always rubbing their bums on a post or a wall.

                                    I bought one of them, he also would not keep a rug of any style weight etc on.
                                    Had a thorough chiro assesment..his back was seriously screwed up. A course of treatment over a few weeks not only has he NEVER rubbed his tail again but he keeps his rugs on. Poor guy all those tail washing ointments and de-worming he endured only to find out he was trying to tell us his back hurt.

                                    Horse #2 basically same thing only his saddle irritated his back but not where it affected performance. Chiro some T/O and muscle relaxers diffrent horse.

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                                      listerine always worked for me, on manes and tails. just make sure you really get it down on the tail bone.


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                                        same here - every year, just when her tail starts to look good I miss a night of rubbng spray on it and the gnats get her. She is not wormy, it happens this time every year.
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