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Thoughts about Myler Level 1 bit?

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  • Thoughts about Myler Level 1 bit?

    I've recently gotten a new saddle, and although I've only gotten to ride in it once, I noticed that my horse seemed much more willing to go into and maintain steady contact with my hands than he has been previously. To the point he almost felt "heavy" (not really heavy, just so much more "there" than I'm used to). It was a nice feeling, and I'm anxious to get back out to the barn to ride again to see if it was a fluke or if the new saddle really is helping him use his back and go into my hands better. Would that even make sense? He's never been fussy or anything, but he's a rather stoic guy anyway. He was just always a little unsteady in the contact.

    I raised and broke this horse, so I know him inside and out. Honestly he's barely been ridden over the past three or so years (he's 12), but we're at a new barn and have started going back to work now. He's had a myriad of bits over the years, and the one I finally settled on (before the break and still using it now) is a Myler Level one loose ring. Here it is if people are unfamiliar:

    He's always been fine in it, but with this new development of him being so much more "there" in my hands, I'm just curious as to whether or not it's the best bit to continue to use for our dressage work? Any drawbacks to the bit? Is it a good sign that he's comfortable establishing steady contact with it?

    He usually develops at least a little bit of white foam around his lips when we work, which I assume is a good sign?

    I'd just love any thoughts about the bit, good or bad.


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    Congrats on the new saddle and the wonderful change you are feeling with your horse!

    I have been using the eggbutt version of that bit with my horse since he was first started under saddle. It works really well for him as he has a tendency to get very busy in his mouth with anything double jointed and the minimal play in this bit seems to work well for him.

    That said, I am currently exploring other bits to see if we can improve his connection (He's coming 7 and schooling 2nd/3rd). I will have no problem going back to the Myler if that is what he prefers - it is dressage legal and is a nicely made, simple design. However, just because it was the best option for him as a baby horse, doesn't mean it is the optimal choice for him now. Plus winter is a good time to try some new things, right!

    I've tried a Baucher single joint, some various double joints and a simple single joint eggbutt with the single joint eggbutt easily the best of the trial bits, although there has been only minimal improvement relative to the Myler. I will also be giving a JP Korsteel single joint eggbutt a try as it has a curved mouthpiece similar to the Myler, but with a single joint instead of the barrel. I also filled out a bit advice questionnaire on the Neue Schule website and they suggested the Demi Anky or the Turtle Tactio, so I will probably try at least one of those.
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      I too ride in this bit and actually like having the horse 'there'. My horse isn't leaning on me but definitely ratcheting the power up and landing his hind feet in my hands. The closest I can liken it to is the same feeling when I was riding cross country courses on a horse that was confident but not overtaking the lead. I want the forward and power, no evasions, a definite weight that responds to my requests to get lighter or step through as I need it. I just bought another bit to try because my horse hates any tongue pressure; but, this bit so far has been the one he likes the best. Not sure if I'm going to change it or not (new bit just arrived today). BTW mine is also a home bred, delivered and started/trained by me, coming 6 and working solid second level. This guy is very willing to step up to the plate for me........just wanted to see if the bit I ordered offers him more tongue relief than the Myler level one loose ring. Will let you know
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        It's very individual. My horse hated that Mylar loose ring. He prefers a quieter bit, so we ended up with a doubled jointed Baucher, which he loves.


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          exvet -- what bit did you buy that would be less tongue pressure? Curious as I am having "mouth" issues with mine. Thx.


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            I decided to try the Neue Schule Verbindend loose ring. I'm going to be using it for the first time today. I tried the level 2 Myler that is comparable but a step up in tongue relief (due to having more of a port) from the one I've been using and didn't see much difference. Will let you know if it seems to help any more than the one we've been using.
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