It’s been ages since I’ve shown. I am the proud new owner of a technical fabric show coat. Wow, the old stuffy wool is long gone! I’ve decided my breeches are all he equivalent of mom jeans. Wow, the new breeches all have pockets for phones now! LOL.

I am thinking about taking my 4 year old to a schooling show, and doing the green as grass tests. I am not worried about competing, or obsessed with scoring well, I just want to start getting him out and about, off the farm, see how he does in the environment.

If he had a neat tidy mane, I would probably leave it. His mane a work in progress. The top half falls to one side, the bottom half to the other. Little by little I’ve been trying to train it, but it’s being stubborn. Here’s the dilemma... at the last farm he was at, he would eat grass through the fence and rubbed a nice big chunk of mane off. It’s pretty much in the middle, right between where the mane splits directions. It’s just this hilarious goofy scraggly tuft. It’s too short to braid. Do I just braid around it? Leave it unbraided and try and hairspray it all down? Ignore it and laugh at the judges comments?