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Vermont Gypsies



This position is for an energetic hardworking person who loves horses and is knowledgeable in all aspects of “life on the farm” while taking care of four (4) Gypsy Vanner horses. This individual should be competent in the many aspects of Equine Management including but not limited to.

Animal Health
Maintain shot records
Monitor Feed rations
Observe health fluctuations
Bathing and Grooming of horses weekly
Consult with Veterinarians and Farriers as necessary
Schedule clipping of Horses
Coordinate schedule of blanketing
Insure fly Control
Barn Maintenance
Clean Stalls
Order Hay, Feed, Supplements
Stock Vaccinations and Medical supplies
Keep Barn Clean and Organized
Prevent rodent and fly challenges
Equine Training and Exercise
Exercise Horses as necessary
Train and Ride as time permits
Maintain riding arena
Pasture Management
Repair or coordinate the repair and maintenance of fences
Pick manure from paddocks
Mow or schedule others as necessary to maintain “show farm look”
Weed Wack as necessary
Schedule fertilizer application
Coordinate weed and ant control

The position provides for the best of both worlds, summers in Vermont and winters in Florida. The details are as follows

6 days per week with occasional long weekends off
8-10 hour days
Private accommodations provided with utilities paid
$50,000 per year paid monthly
Workers Compensation insurance provided
Two weeks Vacation per year
One horse may accompany you, feed and transport supplied
No use of firearms on farm
Drug free workplace
No smoking/drinking on farm

It’s hard work, in an beautiful environment, doing what you hopefully enjoy doing on a daily basis. An opportunity to save some money while escaping the Florida heat and the Cold Northeast.

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