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Traveled Lane Trailers, Inc. Centreville, Maryland


Traveled Lane Trailers, Inc.

Centreville, Maryland

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· Böckmann – Europe’s Premier Brand and a Favorite Worldwide for decades. Thanks to Aerodynamic Shape and Balanced Design that reduces tongue weight, you don’t need a truck to tow one. In fact, you can tow them safely with some cars! With over 50 years on roads throughout the world, Böckmann designs are well proven. For horses to 18 hands. Test drives available. See below for more information on Böckmann trailers and links to videos showing their clever features in use.

· Jamco – Premium Aluminum Trailers since the early 1990s. Most trailers have a skin of aluminum or steel over a skeleton of small tubes. Jamco trailers have walls of interlocking aluminum tubes. (See the inset in the Jamco picture with this ad.) They’re smooth, strong and quiet, with outstanding craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a trailer built to last, check out a Jamco!

· Kingston – Durable, Safe, Well-Equipped trailers since 1960. With introduction of the aluminum-framed Classics in 2012, they’re better than ever!

· Calico – Own a new trailer for not much more than a safe used one. Buy from inventory or design a custom to your needs!

· Frontier Aluminum Trailers – Available at Traveled Lane since 2013. Robust aluminum construction & a host of standard features. Outstanding value!

All of our brands are worthy of note, but Böckmann trailers in particular have features you’ll likely find on no other trailers in the North American market. For starters, check out that Böckmann Portax K in the pictures – it’s a front-unloading model with a loaded tongue weight under 215 lbs.!

You don’t need a large tow vehicle to safely tow a Böckmann. Böckmann’s vehicle minimum requirements are easily met by many of today’s smaller, more fuel-efficient SUVs and trucks. If your vehicle has the following characteristics, it meets or exceeds Böckmann’s tow vehicle requirements (which have been proven on roads all over the world for over 50 years):

* At least 125 horsepower (Easy to meet; many late-model smaller SUVs & trucks have over 200 HP)

* A wheelbase of at least 100 inches (Wheelbase of 105 inches or more is common even on smaller SUVs)

* Can accommodate a loaded tongue weight of 211 lbs. (Compare to 500 lbs. or more tongue weight for most domestic trailer designs. Even small SUVs are often rated to handle 300 lbs. tongue weight.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your choice of ramp-loading and step-up loading in the same trailer? With Böckmann’s ramp/door feature, you have it! Also, check out their fast-action Multi-Safe System (MSS) chest & butt bars – they’re quick and quiet and can be released externally in the event of an emergency. In addition, MSS stall bars are adjustable for height and stall length to accommodate horses large and small. But wait, there’s more… With Böckmann’s smooth-acting mechanical brakes, you don’t need to fiddle with a brake controller in the tow vehicle because you don’t need a brake controller. Many models feature not just aluminum walls and floor, but Anodized Aluminum (as with marine hardware) for long-lasting performance and good looks. With a Böckmann, easy towing is just the beginning!

Want to see some Böckmann trailers and features in action? Visit the Böckmann section of our website. Near the bottom of our Böckmann main page, you’ll find links to several short Böckmann-produced videos demonstrating ease of loading, ease of towing, ramp/door feature, Böckmann’s clever saddle carousel and much more. **Links are not active in the body of this ad, but you can copy & paste the following in the address window of your web browser:

We invite you to visit our dealership or give us at call at 410-556-6850.

Visit our website for much more information.

If you can’t come to the dealership, let the trailer come to you! Delivery services available.




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