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Tooth and Nail Equine Services ~ Bucks County, PA Farrier & Equine Dentist


Farrier Services
• Standard Trim – Mini, Draft, & Donkeys
• Hot Shoeing
• Glue-on Shoes
• Corrective Shoeing
• Aluminum Shoes
• Handmade Shoes
• Pads
• Draft Shoes
• Hoof Rebuild & Epoxies

Dental Services
• Basic Health Float – Mini, Draft, & Donkeys
• Bit Seats
• Cut and Buff Canines
• Power Floats
• Teeth Cleaning (tartar removal)
• Oral Palpation
• Balancing Molar Tables
• Incisor Alignment
• Extractions (under supervision of D.V.M.)

John Sachaczenski entered the equine dental field after graduating from The Equine Gnathological Training Institute. To further his education he attended The American School of Equine Dentistry where he became trained and certified by Dr. Raymond Hyde, DVM.  He has helped countless horses with behavioral, performance and health issues.
John acquired his formal education in farrier science from Cornell University Farrier Program under direct instruction from Steve Kraus, CJF.  He is a member of the American Farriers Association and has since shod for many different breeds and disciplines working with equine veterinarians and trainers.  In addition, he attended Heartland Horseshoeing School training with Chris and Cody Gregory.
With his extensive knowledge of the anatomical structures of the equine limb combined with his understanding of equine gnathology John is able to provide and balance both hoof and dental care for your horse making him highly regarded in the equine industry.

Equine Dental Training
Equine Gnathological Institute
American School of Equine 

Farrier Training
Cornell University Farrier Science Program
Heartland Horseshoeing School




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Tooth and Nail Equine Services


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