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Retirement Board at Waltzing Horses Farm


Waltzing Horses Wellness Center invites horses in their retirement years, those needing layup rest and/or young horses to live at an impeccably maintained 80+ acre horse facility in beautiful rural Kentucky. Check it out:

As owner of the farm and personal manager of the horses, Sue Eoff delights in providing right action, ensuring horse comfort and care as needed, and not just on a fixed schedule. There is peace of mind for the horse owner in working with a skilled horse manager providing flexible full care catered specifically to their horse’s individual needs. Sue’s house is adjacent to the barn and fields, so the horses are truly part of her family.

Facilities include:

⭐ Morton barn with expansive indoor arena

⭐ 45 acres in blended grasses divided into four large pastures for rotational grazing, plus an outdoor-oversized open dry-lot

⭐ All fencing is new or in excellent condition.

⭐ Horses have access to water, feed, movement, rest, and socialization without being compromised.

The combination of young and old horses living in carefully selected partnerships as they are introduced into herd living creates healthy movement and is key to mental well-being. Good behavior, safety, and an opportunity for at least twice daily inspection of all of the horses on property are part of the daily standards. Clean, well maintained, and not over used spaces are the basis of Waltzing Horses Wellness Center.

During inclement weather, the indoor arena doubles as a safe turnout with feed stations set-up on the edges, so the horses can eat, roll, and be with their friends. Sensitivity to the land eliminates horses living in mud, burdened by bugs, or subject to beating sun.

Managing a “pasture” horse requires the same attention to detail as a working horse. When the horses come in, it is to a clean, well-bedded stall with abundant forage and clean topped off water buckets. The bedding and feed are according to what each horse needs to be comfortable and properly fed. There are different hay choices and concentrates to compliment the horse’s individual needs. During winter, horses are usually out during the day and in at night and during the hot summer months, horses are usually in during the day and out at night. In balanced weather, they are out in the field all day and under the stars at night.

There are limited openings at Waltzing Horses Wellness Center. If you feel a good fit can be made for your horse in this beautiful, natural and supportive environment, please contact Sue Eoff at ☎️(916) 798-2954 or 📩



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