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Replica Farm


Replica Farm

About Replica Farm

Replica Farm, LLC is owned by Kathleen McNulty. We specialize in helping clients to clone their horses, dogs and cats. As an approved Representative for ViaGen, LC we have experience with both horses and pets and have helped clients with their cloning needs since 2009.

We also help clients store the DNA of their animals for future use. Cloning is increasing in popularity, and a small skin sample is all that is needed to “Gene bank” your pet in case you choose to clone them someday.
Gene Banking

Gene Banking includes the processing and storage of a sample taken from your horse or pet. This is a small skin sample, which is cultured in the lab and then stored in liquid nitrogen.

To Gene Bank your horse or pet:

Call us (908) 310-2125 for a biopsy kit, which contains what your vet will need, and is sent by Federal Express to either you or your Veterinarian. Then make the appointment for your horse or pet with your Veterinarian. The skin sample is very small and takes one stitch to close.





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