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Horses2fly: International Horse Transport


Horses2fly: International horse transport

Complete support from stable to stable is what Horses2fly stands for. We provide worldwide export and quarantine of horses. From the pre-screening to the transport in the country of arrival. With Horses2fly your horses are in professional and reliable hands. With our decades of experience in the field of export and veterinary care you may expect only the very best service.

Horses2fly takes care of everything concerning the export of your horses. We arrange international transport over land and air and we carry out the required veterinary examinations and screenings. Furthermore, we arrange for the necessary paperwork such as customs and insurance documents and we will take care of the quarantine whenever required. Horses2fly offers a complete unburdening.

Because we execute the entire process in-house and have our own quarantine stable, we can guarantee the optimum welfare of our customers’ horses. From departure to arrival at destination, the horses stay under the watchful eye of our professionals. Naturally, they continuously supervise the health and welfare of the horses and they know how to respond in any given situation.

Every horse and every transport is different. This requires tailor-made approaches, short lines of communication and flexibility. At Horses2fly, we listen carefully to your needs and requirements on the strength of which we propose a solution that meets your demand. Our company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you will receive regular feedback on the progress of the transport and the condition of your horse.

Alex Nijboer: +31 6 549 260 70
Pascale Drijfhout: +31 6 274 760 70



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