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Emma Tate Ceramics


Emma Tate Ceramics
One of a Kind
Ceramic Sculpture
Currently Accepting Commissions

Emma Tate prides herself in making, One of a Kind, sculptures. Each individual sculpture is hand-made with clay and inspired by her surroundings or in the case of a commission, the collaboration of ideas of both artist and client. She creates both realistic and abstract sculpture and many times a combination of the two.
Emma grew up in a small, lake side town in central New York State riding, living, sleeping and breathing horses. From day one, Emma has been affiliated in the colorful equestrian world which more times than not appears in her artwork. Emma began sculpting in 2010 in University. Her first sculpture was a self-portrait, second a life-sized horse rearing out of the ground. The rest was history.
Emma moved to the Netherlands in 2013 where she now continues her passion in the equine world, as well as works in an atelier for ceramic sculpting. She is a proud member of Paard Verzameld Collective, has exhibited her work at the Indoor Brabant Dutch Masters/Rolex Grand Slam, has been featured in several equine magazines and has commissioned various equine sculptures including two for Brooke Charity to auction at the World Equestrian Games.

Emma would love to make a One of a Kind piece for you.
Please visit her website for more information.

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Instagram/Facebook: @emmatateceramics




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