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Available immediately at a quiet, private farm in central Wisconsin working a string of Dutch Warmbloods. You can use this lovely facility for lessons, clinics, and to build a name for yourself as a trainer and source of quality sale horses while earning competitive pay and commission. Jumping knowledge or background is preferred but not necessary. Sales experience or at least sales enthusiasm is a must. Ability to break young (but not rank) horses desirable. Housing is a possibility for the right candidate. Duties would include working some darned fancy horses five days a week, helping to market and sell aforementioned horses, training rides and/or lessons for potential clients, and promotion of the farm for local clinics and events. Part time and capable working student available to help with training. Normal farm drudgery such as stall cleaning, stacking hay, or dragging arenas will NOT frequently be part of your daily routine! Sound too good to be true? Oh, it’s true, and it’s waiting here for you to earn it…

UNLESS you are….…mentally unstable, a serial liar, post more than one selfie a day on Facebook, lack powers of communication, or are not in possession of a trainer phenotype (that’s a fancy word that, as applied here, means ‘physically fit enough for the job’). If you think you are sales savvy because you’ve bought a horse off of Craigslist from a trailer park and then flipped it for some gas money, then you do not, in fact, have sales experience. And let us now address the weather in Wisconsin. It is normally beautiful from April through November, but keep in mind that winters here can be cold. Not chilly, not brisk, COLD. The kind of penetrating cold that makes it a challenge to cluck to your horse because the skin cells in your cheeks have frozen and your tongue is partially paralyzed from the frigid air. If you think you’re tough, you’re NOT until you’ve stuck it out a season in our Midwest climate. That being said, this barn is heated, the arena is well-insulated, and there’s a lovely cozy lounge complete with an expensive coffee machine that is surely adding to the destruction of our Earth due to the amount of K cups it uses.

If you are still reading this because you believe you actually fit the criteria of wanting to seriously train some athletic, sellable horses in a beautiful facility owned by a woman that is tired of weeding through wanna-be trainer crapplications, then contact me at 920.538.2156 or email mapleridgefarm@yahoo.com for more details. If not, go back to scrolling through Facebook.

Are you ready to build a successful training business for yourself? Then put on a coat and come to Wisconsin for an interview for this springboard job opportunity. I’ll even power up the Keurig for you.




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