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Debbie Meehan

Imported Holsteiner mare who has produced two fantastic foals for us. Registered with at Holsteiner Verband where she scored very well on her performance testing before being imported.
Colman – outstanding among Holstein stallions, with an impressive appearance, clearly a performance horse. He is energetic, full of elasticity and has an amazing juping capacity. Colman won his 100 day jumping test and was placed in the top group overall. He is a son of the international show jumper Carthago (see Carbano). Dam’s sire Lord became one of the most famous stallions in the Holstein breed and also was covering in Wöhrden in the past. In the third generation we find the outstanding thoroughbred Marlon xx. Colman represents the Holstein dam line 223 a, that got popular by the stallions Camposanto, Conello, De Kooning and Loredano.
Colman has already produced more than 15 high quality licensed sons, e. g. Cancoon, Carantanus, Culture I and II, Catwalk, Con Cosmos, Casinos, Colmander, Colmani, Contagio, Cool Crack I and II, Cordarex, Cottbus and Coulthard. The oldest offspring was very successful in advanced level jumping competitions and made their father one of the leading German stallions. Dam Gina Z by The grey stallion Athlet Z was the first Hanoverian to be used in Holstein breeding for many years – although while he wore the Hanoverian brand, his bloodlines were a heady continental cocktail. His sire Almé was one of the treasures of French breeding, spirited away by Belgian breeder, Leon Melchior to stand at his Zangersheide stud, before returning triumphantly to France to end his days on Bernard le Courtois’ Brullemail Stud in Normandy. However on his dam’s side, Athlet Z descends from that pillar of Hanoverian breeding, Gotthard, and on the dam line, to an even earlier pillar – Feiner Kerl.

Athlet Z confirms the view, that a poor stallion performance test does not necessarily prevent a horse becoming a great stallion. You only have to look at the stallions, Grannus, Capitol I and Grandeur, for further proof of this. ?

The number of points that had to be attained in Holstein in those days to pass the performance test amounted to 70. After Athlet Z’s first covering year in Elmshorn he took part in the Adelheidsdorf stallion performance test, but failed with the score of 66 points {his owner Maas-J. Hell was in the final year of his position of manager of the Holstein Verband at that time}. This resulted in him not being utilized for breeding in 1983. He nevertheless had a few placings in showjumping competitions with the stable rider at the Mass-J Hell Stud Farm, Thomas Mohr, before completing in his second stallion performance test that same autumn.

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