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Associate Barn Manager/Show Groom

The Ethel Walker School, Inc.
Title: Associate Barn Manager/Show Groom

Status: Full Time

Objective: Participate in the day-to-day management and operation of the Ethel Walker School’s 60 stall equestrian barn with the Barn Manager and Trainers. Travel to horse shows to manage the care of horses attending horse shows.

1. Manage the facility with the Barn Manager.
2. Co-supervise staff of 3-4 grooms, assign them tasks, evaluate their performance and help build the team by providing feedback and recommendations to the Barn Manager, Director, and Trainers.
3. Help train the staff.
4. Welcome boarders and riders to the facility and program in a courteous and professional manner.
5. Meet early/late shipment of horses arriving to or leaving from the barn.
6. Assist barn staff in daily routine during periods of staff shortages or vacations.
7. Run night checks as scheduled.
8. Provide general support to the riding program and Director as requested by the Director.
9. Assist Barn Manager in managing finances, supplies, vet, farrier while being budget-conscious.
10. Other duties as assigned.

Horse Care
1. Assist with the feeding
2. Work with trainers to ensure individual competition horse needs are met and clearly communicated.
3. Maintain a rigorous turn-out schedule. All boarders in the barn sign an agreement that provides for daily turn-out.
4. Assist the School’s veterinarian in the care of individual horses, as instructed.
5. Assist with the scheduling of the regular shoeing of horses and work with the School’s farrier on individual horse issues.
6. Groom all horses on show board and have them looking show ready when needed. Also assist with grooming of horses in private student lessons during the school day.
7. Assist with record keeping of all above responsibilities.

Show Groom
1. Manage the travel of horses for off-site horse shows.
2. Act as groom for the horse shows, making decisions about the care, safety and well-being of the horses as well as daily groom tasks.
3. Ensure that horses are clipped, bathed and presentable prior to going to shows.
4. Support the Trainers and riders as needed at the shows (setting up, ordering feed/stalls, paperwork.)
5. Supervise & work alongside grooms at horse shows.

Backup Barn Manager
In the absence of the Barn Manager, supervise the activities of groom staff and work side by side, particularly during staff shortages and vacations; fulfill general duties and responsibilities of Barn Manager. Maintain clear lines of communication with Director and Trainers during these times.

Physical Plant Maintenance
1. Ensure the facility is neat, clean and orderly at all times. 2. Coordinate trash and manure removal with local vendors. 3. Assist grooms in cleaning of paddocks. Keep paddock and pasture fencing in good repair. Rotate paddock usage to minimize overgrazing and/or erosion. 4. Drag rings as needed (daily if necessary due to high traffic).

Conduct and Culture
1. Promote a student-centered view of work priorities and encourage student involvement in barn operations.
2. Support an environment devoted to the education and nurturing of girls and young women.
3. Exhibit a commitment to excellence in all work as evidenced by high standards of service and workmanship.
4. Exhibit a commitment to honor as evidenced by honesty and integrity.
5. Exhibit a commitment to community through the caring and respectful treatment of all members ,through collaboration, and putting the interests of the group ahead of individual interest.
6. Exhibit a commitment to diversity as evidenced by the respectful treatment of all members of the community without regard to race, color, gender, sex, religion, sexual orientation and national or ethnic origin.
7. Comply with the applicable Provisions of the Ethel Walker School Staff Handbook and other policies and procedures.

To apply, please submit resume, cover letter and list of three (3) references in 1 document to:



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