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All the Shah’s Horses


All The Shah’s Horses
by Gail Rose Thompson

As the wife of an American businessman, the author spent the better part of the 1970’s in Iran and saw the boom of the Shah’s development and great vision for Iran to be recognized internationally, in every field; it was to be Iran’s Great Civilization.

Mohamed Reza Pahlavi followed his father Reza Shah’s vision to make Iran the leading power in the Middle East. He wanted his country to become once again as powerful as the Great Persian Empire of the past. He realized that by developing industry, economics, the military and education his dream could come to fruition. However, he was a true sportsman and realized that his people needed leisure time and so he encouraged and supported sports activities.

The Shah’s true love was horses and thus he promoted and supported all types of equestrian activities. An invitation to work for the Imperial Court as his horse trainer enabled her to see many of the royal family in informal moments; it also gave her an entrée into high society, to watch the upper class of Iranians at play.

This is a book of stories and anecdotes about her life there during the “Golden Years” of the reign of Mohammed Reza, Shahanshah Aryamehr. There were times of joy, fun, stress, accomplishment and sadness during her years living in that beautiful Middle Eastern country.

You will enjoy the ride!

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About the Author:
Gail Thompson has been involved with horses all her life. She grew up in Ontario, Canada where she trained horses and taught young riders to become equestrians. She is the daughter of Brigadier W. Denis Whitaker DSO & Bar, CM, ED, Ld’H, World War II hero, who was Chairman of the Canadian Equestrian Team when it won the Olympic Gold for Show Jumping in 1968. Gail worked for The Shah’s Imperial Court training the Iranian Show Jumping Team in the 1970’s. She lives in Richmond, Virginia and Ocala, Florida.






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