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Alex Nichols Agency

Providing the best service possible for your international and domestic horse shipping needs starts with a good plan and an experienced shipping company. Alex Nichols Agency has been a specialist in horse shipments by air for over 50 years.

Plan your next move with the people that are obsessed with happy horses.

Call or email us today for a written quote. You will deal with me, the company owner.

-Weekly shipments to and from Europe-
-Daily domestic shipments-
-Agents at all major horse sales and horse shows-
-Regular shipments to Middle East and Asia-

Bill Nichols
Alex Nichols Agency
www.anaht.com email info@anaht.com
Phone 516.678.9100 ~ Lexington KY Office 859.361.3909

What We Do
Established in 1962, Alex Nichols Agency, has been servicing the horse industry with safe and reliable national and international horse transportation for fifty years!
Thanks to you, our wonderful customers and loyal employees, we are looking forward to continued great service and teamwork in the next half century.

5 Good Reasons to Ship the Alex Nichols Agency Way

Our Equipment
Alex Nichols Agency has its own equipment. Our import & export horse operation is supported by its own in house trucking division. Our trucks are safe, modern, equipped with air-ride suspension. And our drivers are hand-picked and hired based on both driving, and horse handling experience.

Our Accurate Quotes
We take extreme care in providing accurate written quotations to our customers. These quotations fully explain what is included and what is not included. Our prices are very competitive and generally set the standard for the competition.

Our Personal Service
If you choose to ship with us we promise to deliver the personal service that has made our company successful for over 50 years.

Our Know-how
In the world of international equine transport, experience never counted as much as it does now. Alex Nichols Agency knows how to avoid all the pitfalls and disruptions that come with a lack of experience in handling live animal shipments. Give your pride-and-joy the experienced and caring leaders that they deserve.

NY: 516.678.9100

Fax: 516.678.1344

KY: 859.361.3909




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