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A V-6 Mini Toyota RV – completely restored and ready to use


Do you need a mini RV for travels to shows and/or for vacationing?
Do you want one that has a reputation for getting great gas mileage?
Do you want one that is quite reasonably priced for all it has to offer?

>>> A Toyota RV is a great choice!

For the price of $23,950 you can have everything you need to be comfortable, plus you can get up to 16 mpg. on the road = twice that of most other comparably priced RVs.

>>> And do you want a Toyota RV that feels like new? 

Well, this one is close to it.  It has been very nicely restored to be as perfect as possible for the new owners. 

We are private sellers. Restoring Toyota RVs is what we have been doing as a hobby for over 19 years, and we have restored over 4 dozen of them. We are experienced in what we do and take pride in our work. Honestly in my opinion this RV is one of the most exquisite restorations that we have ever done.

For each one we take in to restore, we make sure to per-FECT all these 3 aspects:
1) That it is completely road-worthy — that the engine, transmission, cooling system, brakes, suspension, muffler, etc. have all had all the maintenance that is needed, and that the tires are new.  (Previous service records show that this particular one has ALREADY had the three important [expensive] major engine services required for Toyota RVs. See below.)  
2) That all the RV systems work as optimally as possible — that the fridge keeps as cold as it should; that the furnace, and stove, and hot water heater all heat up properly when they are needed; and that the plumbing, propane, and electrical systems have no leaks or issues, etc.
Plus we add lots of additional interior upgrades and convenience items — way more than most.
3) That the RV looks very presentable and stylish on the outside again — shiny and painted, with fresh stripes, and no more rusty mirrors or bumpers, etc. — something you can be proud to drive.

Toyota RVs that are as nice-looking and fully-functional as this one are getting harder and harder to find.  Most Toyota RVs that are for sale are listed because the owners just want them off their property for whatever reason.  This one is quite the opposite.  It has been intentionally restored so that the next owner won’t have a spend time on a “project.”  If you are interested in one that is ready to use right away, without a lot of engine services needed or any other major items that require fixing, then this could be the best one for you.  

Please read all the following description to understand the attention to detail we have put into this RV.  Studying this inclusive list of items we have tested, repaired, and/or added should answer most of your questions about what it does indeed have.  

If you think this is the right RV for you, we can save it for you, with a deposit (that applies to the purchase price of course). 

We are in California, however, our buyers come from all over the country when they learn about how nice our vehicles are when we get done with one.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tom and Marilee
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