Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2023


2005 Hawk 2 horse bumper pull

2005 Hawk 2 Horse Bumper pull with a tack room. In immaculate condition given the age. Recently inspected in 2018, with only minor use since then. Exterior shows wear and tear from weathering and age, but aside from aesthetics it is in great shape. Interior of the trailer fits 2 horses complete with: hay bags; padded chest and hind end bumper bars; padded walls and center divider (which can be removed); carpeted tack room with 2 saddle racks and multiple bridle hooks; padded floor easy for cleaning that does not require shavings- simply hose down interior and the water will drain from the floor; and 4 tire covers.

$3,000 OBO.

Dimensions & Weights are approximate
Outside Width: 6′
Inside Height: 7’6 (22.5 hands)
Box Length: 15′
Empty Weight: 3400 lbs.
GVWR: 8750 lbs.



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