Monday, Apr. 15, 2024


With Denny Emerson

Bouncing around the pasture beside his dam is the foal of your dreams. He's alive and well, his legs are straight, or becoming so, and,
It's a rare event rider who isn't nervous before cross-country. I'm sure it's even worse for rodeo cowboys and for steeplechase jockeys. Strapping on all


In eventing, throughout 2001, we witnessed full tides for several ventures and rising tides for others. They're of a scale I've never seen in my
For thousands of years, the transitory nature of human glory has been a favorite theme of authors, poets and songwriters. I remember having to memorize
Last month, I heard an advertisement on my car radio promoting Fannie Mae, the home-mortgage company. It stated, gleefully, that the U.S. population is projected
Ever since the U.S. eventing team last won a gold medal, at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, it\'s been a continuous struggle to climb
For any aspiring event rider with enough time, passion, financial support, committed focus, athletic ability and courage, there is an ultimate educational structure that does

Some of my most vivid school-days memories were my attempts to become invisible during math and Latin classes. The teacher would ask a question, then

Old sayings, axioms, quotations and adages have the power to encapsulate whole ideas in just a few well-chosen words. In this way, they can focus
For 50 years, starting with the 1949 advent of the Badminton Three-Day Event in Gloucestershire, England, the U.S. eventing community was forced to look abroad