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William Micklem

“Coaching is not a popularity contest,” barked the senior coach, justifying both his style of teaching and somewhat unsavory private life. But is this true? Can

“I don’t have any students or horses able to begin lateral work,” said the coach looking downcast.

Without knowing anything about this coach’s students and


The International Eventing Forum team is led by two great supporters of good training, Jean Mitchell and Eric Smiley. The redoubtable Jean is an Olympic

British Eventing has a new favorite coach, and his name is David O’Connor. On Feb. 4, the new U.S. national eventing coach made a second

Today’s breeding trends toward ever more specialized animals, but columnist William Micklem believes the best horses can excel in any discipline.

The event horse is

Unless the person in front of you is naked or wearing a particularly outrageous outfit, you look at the face first. In this respect,

So how famous is your coach? Are you in awe of him as he arrives in the arena? Does her gold-medal CV precede her

The extraordinary William Fox-Pitt made headlines with his triple triumph at Tattersalls International Horse Trials in Ireland in the one-, two- and three star competitions

The Tattersalls International Horse Trials, set to take place May 26-29 in Ireland, has set the standard to which others aspire in many ways. The

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