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Tik Maynard

I looked around the room and put my hands on my stomach. Then I put them in my lap. I started to sweat.

The room

“Either you don’t know anything about cars, or you’re too drunk to notice.”

“Oh, man, I noticed right away,” I said confidently.

“Hard not to, I guess,”


Continued from Part 1: Asa Bird—A Lesson In Responsibility

I walked into the kitchen that evening prepared to apologize, but I never got the

Almost every barn I've visited claims they don't have a hierarchy amongst the workers. “We all do stalls together in the morning,” so many managers

There are days when, like a butler, I just follow Anne around.

I fade into the background. I am quiet, but ready to leap forward

The man was still as he sat in his golf cart. His body looked sinewy, but also old, like an elastic band that is drying

There is an old saying: “There are two secrets to be successful in this business. The first: Don't give away all your secrets.”

Some Masters

There is a camaraderie amongst travellers. They share stories, meals, secrets, sometimes beds. People met are nostalgically remembered months, years, decades later. On the road

Mouse darts through the middle, throwing his head, the wind grabbing his mane. Chrome, all knees and hocks, bucks once, twice, and follows.

The two

The calves trot into the arena. A mosaic of shape, size and color—brown, dun, chestnut, rust, white and black—slowly fills out the back wall. Bruce's

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