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Lindsay Berreth and Megan Brincks

Buck Davidson wouldn’t have made the long trip to Texas from his Pennsylvania base without wanting a shot at a big win, so as the
When Lainey Ashker woke up on Thursday morning, she wasn’t even sure she’d be riding Anthony Patch at the Nutrena/U.S. Eventing Association American Eventing Championships.


It’s hard enough to wait all day to show jump when $20,000 is on the line, so when the advanced show jumping was postponed until
As Kimberly Keeton warmed up for her show jumping on Accolade at the Nutrena/U.S. Eventing Association’s American Eventing Championships, the clouds started to roll in.
After driving a total of 21 hours over two days to get to the Nutrena/U.S Eventing Association American Eventing Championships at the Texas Rose Horse
Until today, Buck Davidson wasn’t sure what kind of horse he had in D.A. Adirmo. The gelding had shown talent for the upper levels, winning

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