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Katie Christiansen

It’s Spring! For the first time since September, temperatures are in the 60s, students are sprawled on the President’s Lawn soaking up the sun, and

Two-point without stirrups can only mean one thing: It’s Tournament of Champions time!

This week TUEQ will head to the University of Mary Washington in


Now I can finally say it: TUEQ’s fall semester is OVER! It’s definitely bittersweet. I’m super excited to have the last few weeks of the

We’ve been invited to the Holiday Tournament of Champions at Centenary College this weekend, and on Friday six of us will pack up my car

It’s hard to believe that TUEQ’s first-semester regular season is over, but it is. We have five shows under out belts, a lot to reflect

Hosting a horse show, no matter how small or informal, is a massive undertaking.  It requires hours of preparation, an inhuman amount of patience, and


For the first time in the last two weeks I’ve been able to take a deep breath, relax and SLEEP. After a

Good news! Ivan and I are happy to report that we had a fruitful and uneventful New England finals, placing sixth in the open adult

A good IHSA team needs a good support system, and TUEQ is lucky to have a fabulous one.

Dani White, the

Last weekend, TUEQ traveled to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire for a pre-season practice show.

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