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Kathie P. Mautner

Any time I've ever scribed for a dressage judge, the dressage test requires marks for “transitions to” various gaits. The judge is called on

No one in their right mind will tell you that the British, the Irish or the Arabs don’t know their horses.

So it


When I was in college, I spent a year in England as an exchange student. To help pay expenses, I worked as a combination au

I boarded my first horse, Tory, on a 1000-acre cattle farm just outside a major city. The horse facilities, if you could call them that,

Bentley would have been a sensation as a runway model. He was stunningly handsome, moved like sunshine and had no work ethic whatsoever. He never

The college I went to was elegant, expensive and academically ferocious. Did any of that factor into why I chose it? Of course not. It

Back in the days of the dinosaur, before my best buddy and I had either sense or a proper trainer (trainers were unaffordable and sense

When I was a teenager, I was immortal. I don’t know about the rest of you, but my guardian angel worked overtime when I rode

We do it automatically: get in the car, fasten the seatbelt. This is drummed into us from the time we’re old enough to be aware

Back when I was very young and extremely foolish, I discovered eventing. Eventing is the equestrian adrenaline-junkie’s equivalent of any extreme sport—bungee jumping, skydiving, and

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